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1207: Poos At Eleven


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Rod and Karen visit the crew of Shadow Dog Productions while recording some voice overs and lo’ and behold we recorded a podcast in the middle of all that! We sat down with Dexter, Austin, Michael, Thatcher and Lisa (came in a little later)and we discuss their backgrounds, Larry Wilmore banned from CNN, married women watch more porn after marriage, Germany has a sexually instructive website, man shoots his mom in the face, Uber’s surge pricing, hop hop words in the dictionary, HIV sex roulette party, teens arrested for live streaming sex on Facebook, hate crime against ex-marine, Alabama minimum wage racism, TV reporter craps in someone’s yard, firefighters get a sweet new ride, mom let’s kids get tattooed, family therapist bills for sex, cafeteria worker fired for giving lunch to a kid, violence at an anti-violence rally and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Lyndon88

    Rod. Omg. That Bevel rap-I can’t. That was so GOOD! I know you went out on top, but you definitely left the rap game too early man- the world needs some more of your hot beats! Get with Tristan Walker and turn that rap into a TV ad – Bevel, presented by Beats by Rod, they’d sell like them Patti Pies. Keep up the awesome podcasting – you and Karen never stop cracking me up!

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