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1206: We Made It


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Rod and Karen discuss listener feedback.

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  1. Jamal S

    I’ve never had the desire to write in about anything on the show (character flaw), not even the 5 star review (i see the Karen side eye). The way you guys approached this issue made me a lifetime fam and as soon as my situation changes I promise I’m going premium. That was fantastic. Man I can only hope that my petty transcends to your level 1 day. Kudos to you both.

  2. tygrallure

    I got upset at the beginning of this episode because I know y’all aren’t like that. I was ready to go to war, if needed be because I fuck with y’all.

    Glad y’all took the higher road, and stayed mature through this whole ordeal. I hope that one day this incident will be trivial to both sides.

    (Trying not to start crying, so I’m going to end this here.)

    Shout out to TBGWT! LOVE Y’ALL!

  3. AO

    My heart fell when Rod said last week was his highest professional high and lowest professional low. I fuck with you! Integrity abounds from Rod and Karen. They do not profess to be perfect and I appreciate the humility they display when they do or say something off. Please keep on keeping on and celebrate your accomplishments. Great job!

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