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BDS 155: Free Dwight Howard!


Rod, Justin and Karen discuss listener feedback, Kevin Durant on love, Karl-Anthony Towns, D’Angelo Russell, Cam Robinson arrested, Bryce Petty, Steven Adams, Stephen A Smith vs Curt Schilling, Redskins name poll, Ezekiel Elliott, 49ers owner bet, Sharapova, Dwight Howard, James Harden, Tom Benson, Pat Smith, Tyron Lue, Barry Bonds on racism, Phil Mickelson, Fat Joe outs Anthony Mason, the 4 point line, NFL to repay the government for patriotism, Cam Newton, Rihanna and Lebron, Vernon Davis busted, Baylor ordered to release sexual assault records and This Week In Mamba.


  1. Amani

    Hey Rod and Jaymond Green

    I didn’t see this coming but OKC is giving the Warriors that work! Meanwhile Draymond is starting to approach Chris Balls territory with these Hulk Hogan leg kicks. I need to see some advance stats on that!

    Oh wait a minute, I forgot I’m Black and I don’t use those. I actually wasn’t that offended by Wilbon’s article as a Black man, as much as I was by the lazy journalism. We’ve seen enough of that this week to last a lifetime. It really felt like he just went to the barbershop and just wrote an article there without any real research. At the same time, the point that the focus on Ivy League circles behind that leading to front office jobs and coaching circles is a bigger point that needs to be made. As much as people focus on the NFL, basketball is starting to shift that way lately with their hires, and baseball is already no Latino and only one Black manager. To me that’s the real story, but lazy writing like that just makes it too easy to miss the point.

    Great show as always, and with D’Antoni getting another chance in Houston, your chances of Howard coming to the Hornets just went up. Rod may be the only person who still respects Dwight left so I guess we’ll see.

  2. Darienfoxx

    James Harden kills careers. Ask Jeremy Lin. After Linsanity, he tried to play alongside Harden for 3 years and looked like he barely knew what a basketball was.

    When Dwight was in Orlando, he was corny as hell (he still is), but he was dominant, even with no offensive moves. He pulled down 20 and 10 in LA with a bad back, and then he comes to Houston and just suddenly is looking like steven adams?

    I got to watch the Rockets play when they came to Boston. On multiple occasions, Dwight would be matched up on the block one-on-one with a smaller defender. He’d call for the ball and Harden would just look him off like “nah bruh, I’m about to jack up this 3 real quick.” Everybody in the building knew the ball wasn’t going into Dwight unless it was a last resort. That’s why the celtics ran short-ass Isaiah Thomas at Dwight more than once. I have never seen anything so disrespectful.

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