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TNO 60: Goodbye Rat Queens


Rod, Kriss and Aaron discuss listener feedback, DC movie shake up, Black Widow solo movie, Captain America: Civil War makes a billion, Nate Moore, Black Panther is real black, Wolverine 3 is rated r, Disney shuts down game studio, Overwatch Porn, Agent Carter canceled, Fantastic Four sequel, Sleepy Hollow coming back, Booster Gold movie, Darth Vader book cancelled, Harley Quinn getting spin off movie, Ciara Renee leaving Legends of Tomorrow, Hitman exclusive mode and Rat Queens controversy.


  1. Amani

    Hey guys

    I assume you’ll talk about it in what you’ve been reading, but have you gotten to check out any of the Rebirth stuff yet? I’ve been cautious so far with the stuff Geoff Johns isn’t writing but I’ve been impressed so far. It’s funny you brought him up last episode when DC made him an executive producer on the movie side to try to rein in the Murderverse and its ironic how similar it seems like this is aiming for in the books.

    And right on time too, the way JK Simmons was looking in that workout picture I was almost worried they’re trying to go the Commissioner Gordon as Batman route. My man was jacked as hell!

    And shout out to Boyega dawg!! He’s leading that Pacific Rim sequel AND he’s co-producing. Between that, Rick Famuyiwa getting on Flash, and Michael B. Jordan confirming that Black Panther casting it’s Black History Season all year round!

  2. Co_CoPelli

    Hi all- Just wanted to say thank you for explaining Batman’s super power. My husband and I sometimes argue about what makes Batman a superhero and I usually fall on the side of he’s just a rich man with access to a lot of resources. I had never thought about that fact that preparation and the way that he utilizes those resources are what makes him super. On a different topic- I am glad that Black Widow is getting a solo movie. I am only familiar with the Marvel Cinematic Universe and have never read the comics. They have shown bits and pieces of her back story in the films, but I would like to see it in more detail. I totally did not get that reference Black Widow made when she said something like, “You’d think he’d remember me,” while fighting Bucky in Captain America: Civil War. Thanks for clearing that up. Great show as always.

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