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1205: Real Khal Wives of Dothrak

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Rod and Karen are joined by John and Tyler of the Jenkins and Jonez podcast to discuss Game Of Thrones.

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  1. Marcus

    This episode was TOO MUCH FUN. Dem Thrones was great as ever, but y’alls chemistry with the “nigga who says muhfucka and the nigga who says gahtdamn” was off the chain. I laughed for two full hours.

    Thanks for all of the great podcasts. Peace.

  2. hirojashibe

    Well we had not one but three reunions of families on this show two of them being very happy moments ( Jon and Sansa + Margery and Loras) and a very sad moment with Reek(he will never be Theon to me) and Yara; which means according to Rod Father of Draggins bad things are going to happen. Very Bad Things. Which makes me think that Rickon is not long for this world and both Tryell siblings are going to die.
    Looking forward to Littlefinger’s return and what them Drone chicks are up to because both these two groups will end spoiling a lot peoples best laid plans.

    Have Great Show and A Great Sat Y’ll.

  3. John

    YOOOOOO!!! PLEASE have these brothas on again. I’m over here dying in my car G. Briann bro! she so damn fine it don’t make no sense. Thank you for the laughs man. That’s a tall glass of milk whose presence is greatly appreciated!

  4. j

    yall missed the part when Tyrion told the slavers that his family never had slaves and he grew up with more money then all of the together, that was gangsta then he dropped the chicks on the masters on his way out the door.

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