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1208: The World Is Yours


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Rod and Karen are joined by DJ Benhameen of the FanBros Show to discuss his children’s book The World Is Yours, The Grand Dutchess making Face Of Black Twitter, hashtag-gate fallout, race, gender, class and nerd culture, clothing we wore as kids, trying to accept every type of blackness, African prom dress, prom dress racism, sisters stab their brother in the hand, man smokes dog and sword ratchetness.

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  1. reallydarkknight

    I don’t have a lot, but I connected with what Rod had to say about being the Black kid in the advanced classes in elementary, middle and high schools. I didn’t quite fit in, but I didn’t care because I don’t fuck with many people anyways. I was insecure because I sounded like a White kid, but as I moved around and met more Black kids who weren’t from the hood, so I didn’t feel so insecure. Once I grew into adulthood, none of that mattered, but that Blackness did.

  2. Marc.G

    whoo! what a month it’s been for TBGWT. I’m usually too lazy/tired to comment but yall been touching my spirit.1st) thank you both for what you do, Your work ethic is weekly motivation. 2nd) congrats on the Ebony feature, but i gotta tell y’all I’m not surprised one bit. Yall so humble and real that I don’t think you realized just how big your doing it. I called Rod a star once and he rebuked it so quick lol. That’s why i love you both, you guys don’t get swept away with the hype waves you keep it real and continue spreading love and nothing shows that more than how you went about the #thrones situation.3rd) I connected so much with rods experience I was that smart black kid from the black side of town who got bussed to an affluent white school in Boca raton,fl. Often times i was the only black kid in class. I remember in 6th grade my homeroom teacher used to make fun of my lips and i just sat there not knowing what to say. Needless to say when black history month rolled around I hated life, I became their zoo animal. As a kid for the life of me I couldn’t figure why I didn’t fit in even when i dressed and talked like them. I was too black for the white kids, too black and poor for the few rich black kids, and just not cool enough for the hood kids. Looking back the school had great resources but it was toxic as hell for me. I have to admit tho, the hood kids never gave me a hard time most of them just didn’t really fuck with me and das it. i was getting that “You talk white” and “your hair is like sheep’s wool” shit from white kids. I’ve been unlearning anti-blackness ever since.
    All this to say when I see you two loving on each other,Loving on women, on blackness and spreading love to lgbtq and other groups you may not be a part of that scared little 6th grader in me appreciates the fuck outta that. The world already tries to tell us we ain’t shit directly and indirectly, we don’t have to do it to each other.
    Thank you!Thank you! Thank you!
    “The storms come and go, the waves crash overhead, the big fish eat the little fish, but Rod&Karen keep on paddling.”
    Yall both superstars now! yeah I said it fight me Rod!

  3. Anonymous

    Karen’s rant about the Fable beta version on Xbox was more than enough justification for going premium. I got my life to that rant.

  4. AkaDimiX

    Between my giant glasses, had it for 3 years too long High Top fade (with red hair mind you) and then my short stint with the B2K curls in college. I’ve made some mistakes, but they made me who I am.

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