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1209: The 10 Cos Commandments


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Rod and Karen are joined by J-L Cauvin to discuss his new stand up special recording, The Cosby Show, Young Republicans Communications Chair resigns over Trump, smart TVs recording your sex, Utah wants to block porn on phones, Daniel Craig rejects 100 mil to return as Bond, Zimmerman, Marlo Hampton, kid arrested over free milk, man shoots wife over dinner and sword ratchetness.

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  1. TanyaW42

    I couldn’t help it — when you were riffing on the Utah Jazz names, all I could think of was the Utah C*ckblockers!

  2. AkaDimiX

    When you guys were discussing Cosby’s legacy after it coming out he’s the world’s most prolific rapist.

    The parallel that comes to mind is all the founding fathers. They started the country and we as a country respect them, but most all of them owned slaves. And there is NO WAY to be a kind plantation owner. Washington and and his peeps, did great work, but were ain’t shit people. Both are true at the same time, and an adult consideration of their life should reflect it.

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