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1212: How To Beat Up A Gorilla


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Rod and Karen discuss a gorilla getting killed, shark attack, Troy Ave attack, Python attacks man on toilet, Johnny Depp accused of attacking his wife, Donald Trump attacks Obama, Casey Anthony’s lawyer accepted sex as payment, Eddie Long on Steve Harvey Show, an edited news video, Bernie gets burned by Trump, teens play “whites only” prank, racism at Airbnb, Megyn Kelly attacks Deray, women jump teen, vegans can’t climb, wife fakes miscarriage and sword ratchetness.

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  1. bigWon

    This episode was SO GOOD! I don’t know which was better, finding out that Karen’s love stops at fighting a gorilla or the real reason Rosa Parks went to the front of the bus.

    Rod trying to convince Karen that there’s a way to fight a gorilla had me laughing out loud. Later in the show though, when that old lady talked about the real reason Rosa Parks went to the front of the bus… well that was EVERYTHING! I couldn’t stop laughing and had to stop listening for a minute. Great show as always.

    Big Won

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