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1216: Excuse Me, Young?


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Rod and Karen discuss listener feedback. And then recap our trip to Awesome Con in DC and meeting up with fans.

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  1. EvieE

    I really enjoyed myself at Awesomecon. We attended several panels but by far the nostalgia panel you guys were on was my favorite. I couldn’t stop laughing. It was a pleasure meeting the two of you and wish I could have hung out longer, but maybe next year. I hope you guys enjoyed the cookies, and Karen I hope you enjoy the hair and body butter. I can’t wait for Awesomecon next year and if you guys really do Niggacon, I’m there for that too. Love you guys.

  2. hirojashibe

    Hearing Rod story about thinking of using DC slang to get driving directions to the hotel; reminding me of the time my Parents got lost on the Way to the National Zoo in DC . I mean we got way lost in DC, finally my Dad pull over to look at the Map (no GPS or Google Maps back then ) and Mom just look at him like he was crazy, because he just so lost and confuse looking at this map. Then my Mom saw a very nice lady crossing the street in front of us rolls down the window waves her down and Ask How do you get to the Zoo ?

    At first the very nice lady was a breaking out the short hand/DC Slang, saw the look on my Mom’s face, clears her throat, and code switch to give the directions. We got to the Zoo, turns out we actually were not that far from the place. But I now know as an Adult that very nice lady was a hooker. Thank God very nice lady/hooker help us out because I know my Dad he would said Fuck it and drove us back home and we would not gone to the Zoo

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