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1217: Anus Avenue


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Rod and Karen discuss Rod’s brother’s bday, street names, Radio Shack has given up, Depends Ads, what is an anti-capitalist successful black artist, Standford rapist’s dad pleads for leniency, Amber Heard suing, Anonymous going after parents, Driving While Rich, Zendaya had to fire a publicist, Miss USA, black teen chased to death, black woman targeted at Starbucks, valedictorian doubted online, family slanging, man kicks pregnant ex while she’s in delivery room, grandpa picks up the wrong kid, Detroit mom has bank account frozen and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Jynener

    Karen, you had me dying talking about “we sell radios and shacks”!! I almost crashed my car laughing so hard. Rod, they have boarded up all of the Radio Shacks here so I am surprised you still have them in Charlotte. Love you guys, if it weren’t for you (my imaginary friends) most days would be very lonely and uneventful. So glad I found this podcast.

  2. Mr_Nite

    I hope no one is out there reproducing with “Hatin Ass Terrell Jones”. I hope they the pregnant lady kicker under the jail!

  3. Ms. Smart

    Fun fact about Depends. They are not only worn by older people. Some women wear them if they have very heavy menstrual cycles. They don’t specifically market them to women for that purpose but the company knows younger women are using them.

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