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1220: Confessions Of A Leash Child


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Rod and Karen discuss listener feedback.

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  1. Melabella

    “I’m a 5’7 Thick Thick, Rick James rich bitch” ~Just Brittany

    Mann Just Brittany’s song “Call me for that good” was my Jam back in like ’09. She signed with Young Money back when they were signing ANY and EVERYBODY. Im guessing she got lost in the sauce. Welp, Ill be tuned into the ratchery.

  2. AO


    But not #22

    Maybe humiliating but you’ll make it home with your kid. I notice none of these are Black kids. I wonder if that means something. My Black mama didn’t have time for leashes. She instilled fear by telling us she’d leave us if we weren’t with her by the time she checked out. And I believed she meant it! When we were out, my brothers and I explored but constantly checked in so we wouldn’t get left.

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