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BDS 158: Air Mayonnaise


Rod and Justin discuss the NBA finals, listener feedback, Tre Mason and TJ McDonald, Gilbert Arenas, Ken Starr botches an interview, Jason Pierre Paul won’t celebrate the 4th,  Aqib Talib shot, Jeff Withey accused of cheating, Referees want NBA to stop with 2 minute reports, D-Wade and Gabby Thottin for the Snap, Trent Richardson Hall of Fame bound, Derek Jeter getting married, Beanie Wells testifying, Cam Newton getting paid, NFL coin flip, Cardale Jones, Malik Jackson on the White House, Lil B curses D’Angelo Russell, Paul George going back to Olympics, Bogut defends Love, Jason Terry wants Dwight with the Mavericks, Cavs fan gets fired, Shaq wants son to go to KY, Teague playing season with injury, Kerr’s daughter elbowed, Bazemore defense the Curry’s, Giants practice to TV theme songs, Nelson Aghalor accused of rape, Deion Sanders son is acting up, LT in the domestic violence, Janoris Jenkins child support going up and This Week In Mamba.



  1. Amani

    Hey Rod and J. Darden

    Is this Nigga serious?????

    I’m almost mad we have to go back to the Finals instead of watching the rest of this OJ documentary. I need more of my man Carl Douglass! He was giving life on every line! I know Rod is watching but have Justin (and hopefully Karen) caught it yet?

    The way they’re painting the broader picture of everything going on is incredible. I can’t imagine how much bigger this story would have been if it happened in the age of social media. I can’t even think of the a story that comes close, Tiger’s fall from grace after that Thanksgiving is probably the biggest sports story since and that doesn’t come close to this.

    I don’t even mind how spread out this finals has been killing all momentum. But Rodstradamus did call it with the Testicle Fouls! What if Draymond is just addicted like Rod is to death on Game of Thrones? He can’t help himself. If I’m the Cavs I’m trying to bait him into hitting Kevin Love and taking them both out. Y’all take it easy, making Justin work twice in one week? He might have to bring that up with the lightskin union!

  2. strydah_3k7

    What’s up, fellas?! Great show as always but had to chime in on Hanna Davis. I know she’s trying to play up the whole exotic island girl vibe but she’s lying like shxt. I’m from the USVI and we know A LOT of baseball. We have ppl from our islands who have played in the MLB and/or play in the minors. My uncle was one of those guys. Also, you’re so right about rich dudes. It’s like as soon as their net worth hits a certain number they must date the youngest woman the law will allow. Any well, keep up the dopeness. Oh wait! I almost forgot. Fxck Draymond and the Warriors. Got LBJ out here losing again. SMDH.

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