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TNO 61: Singer V Snyder


Rod, Kriss, Aaron and Sterling discuss listener feedback, what we’ve been playing, reading and watching. Race and gender in established comics, X-men spin-off movies, Warcraft makes 90 million in China, Transformers the movie, cheaters banned from games, console VR is coming, E3, Wolverine’s roll in Apocalypse, Jeremy Irons on BvS, Stephen Amell on Twitter fans, Cortana voice commands coming, a horrible click bait article on Spider-Man: Homecoming, Jon Hamm could be Sterling Archer and Megatron is revealed.


  1. Amani

    Shoutout to the crew,

    On the main show Rod talked about the lack of diversity in fantasy and this week just proved how ridiculous it is. You can have a world with dragons and magic but the second you ask about Black people, that’s just not realistic for the climate. All of a sudden dudes care about historical accuracy when it comes to women in their World War One game and creators should just “write what they know.”

    Well Nick Spencer is white as hell, but I just read Captain America #10, and he must know some Black people because that book hits hard. You’ve got a white dude writing Misty Knight in three dimensions as a Black woman so I don’t want to hear any excuses. And just look at the Spider-Man casting news, that movie is Black as fuck! Kevin Feige is starting interviews asking how many BET awards you’ve won.

    It’s 2016 we have options now. Why am I going to spend money on your Matthew McConaughey white savior movie when I’ve got Birth of A Nation coming out? We’re done giving out passes for being lazy.

    P.S. What is DC doing with Justice League? Now they’re just spoiling the movie a year out. What’s next choose your own adventure voting and fans decide which scenes make the film?

  2. TanyaW42

    Very cool to hear Transmetropolitan mentioned on the show, I love Warren Ellis! It’s not a graphic novel, but if anyone wants a quick introduction to his fascinating work, he has a great short story ELEKTROGRAD: RUSTED BLOOD on Amazon for $1.99.

  3. brandonisbmore

    Hey Rod, Kriss and Aaron and maybe Sterling,

    Have you guys been reading and of the ancillary Spider-Man characters like Sill, Spider-Woman and Spider-Gwen? I have loved there books and really appreciate Marvel giving them and Miles their own stories and personalities that connect them to Peter but let them be independent of him.

    Also, what E3 press conference do you think was the best and what are you looking forward to most coming out of E3? I may be biased cuz im a PlayStation guy but I thought Sony’s conference was lit and I got to goto a PlayStation VR experience and it has potential to be amazing.

    Thanks for all the content you guys provide I listen to all your podcast and love them.

    Talk to y’all later,


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