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Rod, Justin and Karen discuss the NBA finals, Van Gundy’s OJ story,  Nelson Agholor update, Emily Austen, Phil Jackson on Shaq being naked in practice, NBA players spending money, Big Ben might be with Trump, David de Gea sexual assault involvement, Kevin Durant offered government position, Travis Minor busted, Hookers At The Point, Pistorius, Treadwell gets fruit snacks, Beanie Wells update, Seferian-Jenkins apologizes, Jason Kidd getting more money, Jimmy Butler trade to T-wolves considered, Adrian Peterson, Odell Beckham Jr resents fame, McFadden broke his elbow, Nate Robinson trying out for Seahawks, Pete Carroll likes the Stephs, Malaysia Pargo is a hero, Wade Phillips ring misspelled, Joael Embiid, Craig Sager, Lawrence Phillips death ruled a suicide, J.R. Smith declining player option, Metta World Peace, Lebron says he watches The Godfather, Ben Simmons not working out for Philly, Magic owner donates to Orlando, CryingJordan.com directed to Cavs site, Ayesha Curry, Grizzlies want Conley, Fan supporst Green, Derozan opting out, West opting out, Steph on Lebron, Sports Humanitarian of the year, Shaqtin’ a Fool MVP, Kenyon Martin, Gilbert and Laura and This Week In Mamba.

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  1. Amani

    Hey Rod and J. Britain

    Cavs in seven, your boy called it! Shot out to Lebron the GAWD for making me look good, and pulling a Serena and going back to Indian Wells aka Cleveland and winning a title. We didn’t forget all those racists who burned his jersey, now cheering but I’m happy for the real fans like Doughstax. Heard they already are re-doing the end of that Believeland 30 for 30 too.

    But for all the overdue praise Bron has been getting again, it’s wild to see people over-correct and go after Steph so hard. I wondered what it would take for people to turn on him but damn. It’s not like he hasn’t been taking those crazy passes and bad shots all season they just weren’t working this series. Still it gave us NBA champion JR Smith so I can’t complain. Justin needs to take notes, that’s how he should have celebrated his Master’s.

    And it was a terrible draft but somehow my Knicks still managing to find ways to raise people’s hopes for nothing. We know Justin’s agenda won’t let him like any Phil Jackson move, but how do you feel about D’Angelo now that he has to the balls to make money off of snitching in commercials?

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