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1227: King James


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Rod and Karen are joined by comedian J-L Cauvin of the Righteous Prick Podcast to discuss fictional actor universes, a new Bourne film is coming, Death Wish reboot, Lebron James, Tila Tequila back in the news, police talk more casually to black drivers, Airbnb, son dies while father is in the barbershop, principal kills mistress and sword ratchetness.

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  1. heyheychineke

    I agree with JL. Grew up in Ohio and I wasn’t burning my jersey or anything when he left, but I understand the hurt. People worshipped him where I grew up. He was their idol. Some people have been following him close since highschool. When he left, he shattered a lot of dreams. Not his fault and I think he was right for leaving, but I just wouldn’t discount the love people have for the Cavaliers, even before Lebron joined the team. People were devoted fans even as they played dismally in the league. Letter was uncalled for and unprofessional, but I wouldn’t bash all Ohio Cavalier fans as a whole. Not everyone was burning jerseys, most people were just really really hurt.

  2. reallydarkknight

    I have never understood the LeBron hate. I get why people try to protect Jordan’s legacy, but I guess it is the Internet age. This cat is great! What’s not to like? He stays out of trouble, he appears to be a family man, he’s a good teammate, says the right thing (most of the time), he’s woke and he made Steph his son.

    He’s as dominant athletically as Jordan (maybe more) and way more of a man off of it.

    He’ll never get any hate from me and I’m happy for him. I would tell those who burned his jersey to kiss my ass all day, every day though.

  3. Rob

    I’m happy for LeBron. I think that at this point, he’ll still have haters, but he’s done enough for rational people to just stop listening to the haters or to automatically classify it as hate and tune it out.

  4. EvieE

    I was really happy that LeBron won. I have been rooting for him since “The Decision” when all those so called fans turned on him. See, the way my petty works, I would never have been able to go back to Cleveland if I was him but that just shows his strength of character. Good for him. He has an adorable family. I hope he wins three more rings to permanently shut the haters up.

  5. Law

    If y’all can resist making Scooby Snack jokes in your recap for Thrones, you’re automatically more mature than I am, haha. Looking forward to it.

    I’m happy the Cavs won the title, too! I’m a Laker fan, and the only Eastern conference team I ever cared much for was the Bulls. But for the first time since the Spurs Vs Knicks, I went against the West because I feel like Cleveland itself deserved it.

    Every time LeBron talked trash after swatting Steph Curry, in my mind LeBron was saying, “Get them lil light skinned layups outta here!” And T-Lue on the side like, “Yeah! Fuck Al B Sure!”

  6. sugahbabe

    I’m ecstatic LeBron won! I probably woke the whole building up cause I was crying and screaming. I couldn’t even watch the game because I thought that if I watched it, I would bing him bad luck and he’d lose.
    I needed this win to shut my family members up.
    I ‘watched’ it via Twitter and only turned the TV on when it was 10.6 seconds to go. And still I watched it through my fingers.
    Rod and Karen, you said everything I’ve thought and said about LeBron and more. I treat the LeBron haters the same way I treat the Beyonce haters, I ignore them or never speak to them again. No one disses the Queen nor the King.
    Btw: how about a round of applause for Beyonce?! We all know that she’s the REAL reason that LeBron won!

  7. Cassie67Impala

    The only reason LeBron is not hater proof because there is always going to be someone to make fun of his hairline. But other than that, he is a phenomenal athlete.

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