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1228: Smooth Criminal


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Rod and Karen discuss Michael Jackson stash of illicit porn, Donald Trump fundraising looking funny in the light, a new Bling Ring, women’s under garments, robot shopping buggies, Russian man sues ex-girlfriend, Gun Cotrol fails again, a woman won’t teach her sons not to rape, Oakland PD sex scandal, Harriet Tubman vote dodged by House GOP, Hunter Park gets probation, black republican kicked out of Trump meeting, woman stabs her man over Facebook password, women left baby in hot car, man shoots up neighbors house after spurned sexual advances and sword ratchetness.

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  1. AO

    My response to the lady who won’t teach her sons about rape: this FOOL! She’s angered by articles about good ol’ boys who are being accused. And I’m livid and seething at how absolutely stupid she is. I agree with Rod – she CAN do both. It’s not binary – teach your kids to be good people OR teach them to not be horrible rapist. *SMH so hard!

  2. The Uninitiated

    I would like to think that MJ didn’t do it because I’d hate to think that the police would give him a stash back.

    • AO

      You have really high expectations for the police

  3. tanquray

    Hello Karen & Ron ,Rob you seemed a little shocked more women don’t return bra’s . Most stores don’t allow you to return undergarments so once you buy it it’s yours lol. No matter what oh and you wondered why women don’t just go online to buy their favorite bra’s if they are so comfortable (Karen brought up some excellent reasons why with titties changing monthly & stuff) but the problem I have the company that sells my favorite bra changed things up.they changed the design slightly and that messed me all up.wonderful podcast. Keep up the good work

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