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BDS 160: Dwyane Shade


Rod and Justin discuss the NBA Finals results, listener feedback, Ayesha Curry, Darren Collison arrested, David Blatt, Nick Young and Iggy break up, Dick Mahoney, Kehlani wants Kyrie back, Dwyane Wade father’s day, Wade on the 2006 finals, Scottie Pippen hating, Mike Wallace got beat up with his daughter, Lebron on his motivation, RG3 stealing graphics, Drake lost a bet, the Wades getting a show, Davone Bess has police stand off, Kyrie Irving baby mama back, Brazil Olympic athlete robbed, Skylar Diggins off the market, Gilbert Arenas, Obama might own an NBA team one day, Knicks want Noah and get Rose, Dwight Howard would go to the Knicks, Dez Bryant ruins rental home, Kevin Love, Johnny Football and this week in Mamba.

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  1. Amani

    Hey Rod & J. Tommen

    So is it supposed to be a coincidence that the day after D. Wade threatens Miami that he could leave and go to Cleveland that LeBron opts out of his contract and becomes a free agent? Savannah looking over at Mr. Break Baby coming to hang out like “you know what, let’s keep our options open.” At least hanging with Kyrie she knew exactly who to worry about. Y’all talk about his ex wanting him back and then he responds with that sad yacht video.

    All jokes though, I don’t want to sound too much like Stephen A Smith and his opinion of NBA wives. He’ll probably start blaming Ayesha Curry for the harassment she’s been getting.

    And is anybody surprised Mike Shannahan is a Trump supporter? You know who’s not? Robert X and the Cleveland Blacks. No wonder he couldn’t get any shine. Meanwhile their ex quarterback is getting ratted out by his own agent. Cold world.

    Alright guys appreciate the show as always now that we’re in the long summer. Time for people to start fucking up!

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