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1232: Blackness Overload

LOS ANGELES, CA - JUNE 26: Honoree Jesse Williams accepts the Humanitarian Award onstage during the 2016 BET Awards at the Microsoft Theater on June 26, 2016 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Kevin Winter/BET/Getty Images for BET)

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Rod and Karen recap the BET Awards, discuss Brexit, Kanye’s newest art piece, kissing dogs, Talib Kweli beef and a man leaves his wife for a sex doll.

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  1. Mark

    I made a point to watch a repeat of the BET Awards this year, as you both always endorse it highly. It was a really good program.

    I’m guessing that much of the “I don’t do BET” objection you hear comes from people of a certain age. I will admit to being one of the people who, for the longest, left BET alone. I’m from that era of Video Soul and Comic View and Ed Gordon’s Sunday “Meet the Press” type show, and caught the occasional Teen Summit episode, even though I was too old for it (Ananda Lewis though). Bob Johnson did not do that channel any favors; he never put any money into anything or anyone over there. At a certain point, it got to be “I’m not supporting it if he doesn’t”. Those “Boondocks” episodes didn’t help BET’s case either.

    Now, though, it’s been so long since I watched regularly that I never think of watching. I do watch shows on TV One, but BET is usually either sitcom reruns or “Being Mary Jane” (which I admit having never watched, since even Shonda’s shows are a bit soap-opera for my taste). One or two specials a year doesn’t do a lot to course correct 15 – 20 years of avoidance. I don’t know what BET can do to regain that traction – older people might be somewhat of a lost cause. Perhaps if they focus on retaining the 106 and Park crowd, and younger, the channel will be in a better position in a few years.

  2. bigWon

    Rod and Karen,

    Your comments on men supporting women, but being able to stop whenever they want spoke to me. I’m the father of three girls and I never thought about my male privilege until my oldest got close to college age. Now all the dumb ish I said and did to them “females” has me hating what they have to go through and how it’s just supposed to be accepted.

    For folks who aren’t parents y’all have a lot of insight. You sure you don’t have one or two kids you just don’t talk about?

    GREAT show as always

    Big Won

  3. FloGrl

    First time listener. Your discussion on Jesse Williams’ amazing speech was a great addition to it. It’s refreshing that you’re undeterred by any criticism of speaking up for us and saying what’s right and not just what’s popular. You two are wonderful and I look forward to hearing more of you.
    Thanks and keep ridin’ for us!

  4. Koritha Mitchell

    Rod & Karen, the extended discussion sparked as you wondered whether Jesse Williams is right about Black men doing better by Black women is SO VALUABLE! So many gems, but I’ll quote only one from Rod: “It’s not right the shit [Black men] expect Black women to take from us…and be THANKFUL for it!”

    Keep keeping’ on!

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