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1233: Westeros Pipes


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Rod and Karen are joined by Justin and Mel to discuss Kevin Hart and Game Of Thrones.

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  1. Monty Cas

    Such a great episode. I felt like it was my birthday when I saw how long the show was. The chemistry between all four of you was so great. I’m in the group that loves listening to Justin (I ignore his problematic comments). And Mel is so frickin witty and funny. Its pretty great in general to hear Mel and Justin and Rod and Karen discuss Game of Thrones with such passion and fun.
    Especially because, guys, I do not watch the show or read the books. I was doing MAJOR googling during my 2nd listen like: which one is Margaery? Who’s Davos? What the hell is dragon fire?
    Karen’s right. I don’t work in an office but I do like to talk to friends about GoT and be like “Sansa! Am I right?” I like to say I’d watch the show if it was animated or if I could get a blurred edit for the gross violent parts. But I appreciate that you watch and recap it for me!
    Thanks so much for another amazing week of episodes.
    Oh I died twice when Mel said, re: Tommen I think, “that’s what happens when you’re your own cousin.”
    Much love,

  2. Byron Taylor

    Greetings to Lord Rod and Lady Karen as well as members of the House Jackson! Just wanted to give my prediction for Season Seven of #DemThrones.

    I predict that Dany will marry Jorah. Yes, for all the sappy, romantic reasons, but it also is a smart move. By pardoning him of his previous crimes he committed prior to exile from Westeros, it shows Dany to be merciful to those that serve her. It also helps to elevate House Mormont and can help strengthen her claim to the Iron Throne if restoring Jorah will be seen as favorable in the eyes of the young gawddess, Lyanna Mormont. I also predict that if Dany finds out Jon is a Targaryen, she’ll allow him to rule in the North much like Yara with the Iron Islands.

    Thank you all for all that you do with this podcast and the vast community that it has fostered! Valar dohaeris!

    Byron, Lord of Psychology for Space Wakanda

  3. Wiz Khaleesi

    Great episode as always, Lord, Lady and nobles of House Jackson.

    Just one point about the possible Jon-Dany alliance.. Sansa is already connected to Tyrion and Theon, who also both know how good of a person Jon. Varys knows everything so he can vouch for the Starks too. All those sickos who want Jon to marry his aunt need to cool it, they can work together without all that. Also, Dany can’t have kids so she cannot further the Targaryen family line. Jon can if Queen Dany legitimizes him as Jon Targaryen and he can marry another noble person to produce heirs.

    Anyway, keep up the awesome work. I’ve been a faithful listener since around day 200 of Bobby Shmurda’s unjust imprisonment. I’ll post a 5-star review on iTunes Canada.


    Agnes a.k.a. Wiz Khaleesi

    P.S. Please bring back Groupie Tales.

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