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BDS 161: Crime Time


Rod and Justin discuss listener feedback, Wade might leave the Heat, Lebron opts out, Kyrie and a boat full of white women, Johnny Manziel is a mess, Marshawn Lynch, Tebow saves lives, Durant holding meetings, Lil B curse, Rockets want Dwight now, no hazing in Dallas, teen injures himself with javelin, Cousins’ draft night tweet, Team USA and Harrison Barnes, Izzo hating, Ibaka traded, JJ Watt, Julius Randle engaged, Joseph Randle picks up a charge, NBA fan ends up in hospital, Davone Bess held himself at knife point, Schroder petty as hell, T-Mac be gossiping, Tavaris Jackson arrested, Dan Skuta, NBA commissioners supporting Pride parade, Ayesha Curry is fed up, Zurlon Tipton died by mistake, Pat Summit is dead, Ciara and Russell, Floyd Mayweather write off tips to strippers, Duncan exercising his option, Kaepernick harassed by fan, Singletary hired by Rams, Jim Brown wins lawsuit against EA Sports, PED investigation in the NFL, Aaron Hernandez, Hershel Walker, Jim Irsay buys Prince’s guitar, Miko Grimes, Brittney Griner single again, Carmelo, JR Smith selling tattoo shirts, Mateen Cleaves, Chad Ochocinco on child support, Nick Young, Uncle Drew, Tony Stewart wins, porn stars in sports and this week in Mamba.


  1. Will in Toronto

    Shout out Doughstax!  When Rod started reading last week’s emails from you I involuntarily took $20 out my wallet for the offering plate, Dear Brother.  The holy ghost was definitely in the room. The only thing more epic will be the dissertation you drop next June when Bron dusts these clowns again.

    Good show as always guys!

  2. Amani

    Hey Rod and J. Westbrook

    70 wins for the Warriors next year and Russ might average 70 points! Steph took the series from Russ and then took his ace. You can’t tell me any other sport’s free agency is this good, Durant just changed the game. People so mad!! They told me they only burned Bron’s jersey because he went on tv with the decision, what’s your excuse now? Sorry Stephen A, looks like Durant didn’t care about making an enemy out of you.

    Now Lebron gotta convince Wade to come to the Cavs to counter. Just tell him it’s like the Clevelander hotel and make him sign there before he comes up in the winter. Rod you got your answer about the salary cap going up from $67 million this year to $94 million next season. If Mike Conley is getting 30 million, how much does Lebron deserve?! And don’t forget Durant can opt out after next season now too when it’s going up *another* 20 million. They’re coming for that paper!

    And listening last week I realized, that Josh Gordon & Johnny reality show would be good but I want Manziel and Tebow living together. Who corrupts who first? Derek Jeter got KD to announce on his website, maybe he can get them to stream being in the same house.

    P.S. Damn Dough it’s like that? Win a title and find a way to talk trash about my Knicks? Man we got Noah and D. Rose we’re gonna be unstoppable in 2k12! We ain’t never winning a title…

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