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1234: You Poor Sweet Soul


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Rod and Karen discuss Chris Brown back in trouble, Cher messed up on Twitter, Akon advises women, the Daily Show gets hemmed up, Glady’s Knight Chicken and Waffle restaurant get raided, Obama campaigning for Clinton, Ronald McDonald gets shot, John P Enochs gets off light, Tony Robbins seminar goes wrong, white woman mad at Jesse Williams, Leslie Jones needs a dress, Make America White Again, foot fetish man, man shoots, pervy pastors and sword ratchetness.

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  1. EvieE

    I finally feel some measure of vindication now that Justin Timberfake is getting some flack. As someone who is crazy about boybands, I was a fan of NSync and by extension JT when he went solo. But when he did Janet dirty, and she was dis-invited from the Grammy’s and his ass performed as if nothing happened, I felt the rage of a thousand ancestors. It has been fuck him ever since. Sure he’s had some catchy tunes , but I’m not buying his music, seeing his shitty ass movies, going to his concerts or supporting any of his endeavors with my hard earned money. He can get in a car with Stacey Dash and drive off a cliff for all I care. Fuck him forever.

  2. Mark

    I never completely understood how that Justin-Janet “surprise” was supposed to work. It was obvious that something was supposed to be revealed – one would presume that the network and/or the NFL would have known how it should have happened. But I do know that everybody left Janet out there to defend herself. I never thought about Justin because Janet never complained (not that she had to – I just didn’t catch on). After these clueless tweets, I now see those “History of Rap” videos with Jimmy Fallon in a different, appropriating light. Hopefully, the Roots have a little talk with him, next time he shows up at NBC.

    On another note, good looking out by Christian Siriano (way to get that name out there, post-Project Runway). Leslie cannot be the first woman of substance to need a premiere outfit. Not that Leslie should have to go on the hunt, but I would like to think that some enterprising brothas or sistas might have reached out a while ago. True entrepreneurs need to be on constant lookout for the special fit and overlooked customers – get that foot in the door. Overlook Leslie Jones or Kevin Hart or Gabourey Sidibe or 2 Chainz types if you want – but those people spend money AND make sure they get seen!

  3. Jackie H.

    Justin did the normal white response when shit get’s real. I wasn’t mad at him until I found out how he tried to duck out and not take responsibility. Smh, trying to smooth everything over. No thanks! I’m not forgiving his ass at all.

  4. Chelsea

    I had to pause the episode to say… Shoutout to Queen Karen while she reacted to this lady as she tried us! (Effing with black people) I felt the same exact way. She came for Jesse Bae Williams with nothing but white tears. A HUNNIT

  5. btouch

    RE: Gladys Knight & her son not having the same last name: Gladys Knight had Shanga Hankerson when she was married to his dad, Barry Hankerson – who is also Aaliyah’s uncle and the head of Blackground Records. I don’t know if she herself ever legally changed her name (even if she had, she might have just still kept using her maiden name of “Knight” for her stage name).

  6. mayabee

    I haven’t even listened to the episode yet, but Timberlake been aching to get hemmed up since he threw Janet under the bus. I’m from Tennessee so the only famous white person I’m claiming from here is Dolly Parton, not his wack ass. He is every white boy from the Memphis/Shelby County area who think he down because his vocals got a taste of soul in it so once again, I can’t say I am surprised he let those “oh, he down/he black” comments go to his head.

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