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1249: Rich Homie Quan Karoake


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Rod and Karen discuss LGBTQ news, Trump speech gate, Ava Duvernay filmed a secret documentary, spree killer had PTSD, KRS-One on Afrika Bambaataa, Milo banned from Twitter, Rich Homie Quan, Taylor Swift-gate, algal bloom, playmate body shames on Snapchat, man arrested for threatening sheriff, inflammatory billboard trolls black protestors, RNC comments on black folks and the cops, man arrested for threatening cops, woman loses job because she used to do porn, secret serviceman arrested for child porn, lottery ticket criminals and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Anonymous

    Taylor Swift’s friend learned from the best. Do some shady passive aggressive shit and when your card get pulled pretend to be the victim. Fuck her. I really get pissed off by how comfortable people are using kids (specifically girls) of Black celebrities as the butt of jokes are a tool against their parents. It just doesn’t seem to happen when the parents are White. It’s happened with Sasha and Malia, Blue and now North. It’s gross and I’m so glad Teitter got in her ass. And I wish all the terrible things on her for those fake ass prayers. That bitch hangs tight with Taylor and I ain’t never seen Ms. Swift headed into church.

  2. btouch

    1. YES to Karen singing the old ABC “After These Messages, We’ll Be Right Back!” bumper jingle!

    2. As far as the Omar Mateen story, I’ve read a few stories from people who say he used to frequent Pulse and/or that they saw him on gay hook-up apps like Grindr & Jack’d. Even taking all of that into account, however, I don’t want people to suddenly treat the Pulse shooting as if it wasn’t both a hate crime and an act of terror. There’s plenty of historical examples of course of people terrorizing the same group of people they also (secretly) goes to bed with – Thomas Jefferson and Sally Hemmings immediately come to mind. Mateen’s attack on the club was definitely a specific act targeting a specific subset of people – gay brown men – and it inspired people to consider or threaten similar crimes immediately afterward that made people afraid to go to LGBT clubs or Pride events.

    Plus, given the info that Mateen’s wife helped him case out Pulse and was informed of his plans, I agree that there’s still more to this story than just revenge for possibly contracting HIV.

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