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BDS 164: The Cooney Rule


Rod and Justin bring the motherfucking heat up in this bitch while discussing listener feedback, an AFL player porn scandal, Draymond was arrested, Jeff Teague moves in with his parents, Lebron addresses the ESPYs, Lance Armstrong still getting sued by the government, Corey Tindal robbed, Brady gone serve them 4 games, LeSean McCoy, Pippin steals from NFL players, Karlos William suspsended, Von Miller got his money, Max Kellerman is taking Skip Bayless’ place, Cousins didn’t get a long term deal, Ray Rice knows his window is closing for a return, Fitzpatrick not returning Marshall’s texts, Agholor won’t be charged, Warriors selling ad spots, Olympics giving 450k condoms out, we objectify a volleyball player, Greek Military service for the Antetokounmpo bros, Nike on BlackLivesMatter, Russia whole team may be banned, Brock Lesnar was on them PEDs, Emmanuel Sanders won’t get his bread, Dwight Howard, Pat Riley, Magic mess up on Twitter, Nick Young, Lil B, woman punched by Joe Mixon speaks, Dez Bryant suing his financial advisor, Rooney Rule not working, Geoff Schwartz hates Kim K, NFL teams may hire Madden players, Durant on the Lakers, Green apologized to USA teammates and was only texting Durant as a friend, Greg Monroe on the block, Carmelo getting more socially active, Tyronn Lue ain’t got a contract, Demarcus Cousins, Lou Holtz racist, Justin Forsett says rise together, Bogdanovic, Dion Waiters, Santana Moss hating on RG3, David Lee, Adrien Broner, Isaiah Crowell, George Hill, James Harden, NBA free agency, Klay got got against and This Week In Mamba.


  1. Amani

    Hey Rod and Aldon J. Smith

    You periscope yourself smoking weed when you’re already suspended for a year? And then you shout your out name when you’re trying to be anonymous? You must be an ex-49er! It might be time to put him in the Balls Deep Hall of Fame. Who’s had more stories than him? Maybe Gilbert or Johnny Football but he’s gotta be top 5 right? Who else would be in there? And speaking of fuck ups Josh Gordon byke! Only suspended 4 games so you know Doughstax already thinking of drafting him again.

    Meanwhile y’all called it on the all-star game getting moved. I’m glad they finally did, it needed to happen do did the State Senator throwing the Jordan Cry Face on Governor McCrory on twitter. We’re full 2016 here. It was a hell of a week for activism in basketball. Adam Silver or somebody leaned on the WNBA to take back their fines, Melo using the olympic platform to support those women and meet with organizers, hell even got MJ out here dipping his toe into the water. It’s just funny seeing people come at basketball players for not being vocal enough but no one ever asks baseball or hockey players about any of this.

    Appreciate y’all, hope the move went well.

    • Amani

      P.S. Y’all talked about Max Kellerman coming to First Take, I got stuck watching at the Doctor’s Office the other day. Stephen A went on another Black-on-Black crime rant defending Charles Barkley, but Max did push back on it on a little. Still too much equivoation for my tastes, but he called out the difference between institutional and personal responsibility and that nothing Stephen A or Barkley said had anything to do with Black Lives Matter. You could see it in his face he’s not going to want to be there long.

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