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1251: Cakes And Mouf


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Rod and Karen discuss LGBT news, Hive Attack, DNC hack has been meh so far, Fox News has more sexual harassment scandals, porn is at an all time high during RNC, deputy forces woman in to oral sex, Phoenix PD, Whitepride Trump delegate sent home, black Cincy officer investigated, lawyer sent to jail because of BLM pin, Trump fan gets racist on a train, woman posts Craigslist rape fantasy ad on rival, con artist tries to buy Maxim Magazine, burger helps catch robber, white people news and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Jackie H.

    Rod&Karen, ya’ll had me cracking up this whole episode even though most of it was really serious. I was born and raised in Cleveland and the fact that they decided to do the RNC here pissed me (and the whole city) off. The majority of the people that live in the city decided not to go down there while it was going on because nobody’s a damn Republican…unless you got all the people who went down there every day. And as far as the male sexworkers go, it doesn’t surprise me those Republicans are some of the biggest hypocrites. Oh and btw I’ll take mouf anyday lol , I’m bi so it’s equal opportunity over here ctfu!

  2. Anne

    I’m so old I had to look up what cakes and mouf meant. TBGWT….keeping us young. Anyway, I’m looking forward to seeing how the sudden acceptance of LGBTQ people at the convention plays out in the rest of the country. I know many people who claim socially conservative values as the main reason why they support the GOP. My guess is that they will change their tune, quickly. “Anything for a win” is the COP’s real motto.

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