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TNO 64: Jonny Quest Is Problematic


Rod, Kriss and Sterling discuss listener feedback, what we’ve been playing, watching and reading. Then we get into Pokemon GO news, Powerpuff Girls renewed for season 2, Hunger Games could get sequels, Ghostbusters had a gay character, David Ayer given total control of Suicide Squad, DC trailers, Kiersey Clemons will be Iris West, Supergirl reveals their Superman, Batman solo movie rumor, Terssa Thompson will be Valkyrie, Ghost Rider coming to Agents of Shield, Rosario Dawson will be in Iron Fist, World of Wakanda, VCRs no longer being made, Aquaman gets a rewrite, Ghostbusters toy sales exceed expectations, Defenders coming in 2017, gay kiss scene cut from Star Trek, Guardians of the Galaxy patch, Deadly Class TV show, Jurassic World 2, Bubble Zoom, Rebecca Sugar comes out at Comic-Con, new planets discovered, Jonny Quest movie, Rocketeer reboot, Matt Damon in a new Asian movie and Ascendant will be a made for TV movie.

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  1. Amani

    Hey guys and Karen

    Rod said it last show talking about the Clone Wars, but was there a better move for fans that George Lucas sold Star Wars to Disney? You see that new Rogue One trailer?!?! What??? Man I love the original trilogy but this shit is so much better! Disney is just sitting around looking at a pile of money, laughing that they only paid $4 billion for this. They’re going to make that back in the first year already.

    We got a female lead, Donnie Yen, Ghostdog Jedi, and they’re showing us actual battles instead of shaking the camera at the inside of a ship? Nigga we made it! If they give us them Vader bars from the comics it’s a wrap!

    Disney already has 4 of the top 5 biggest box office movies this year and that’s before Star Wars and Dr. Strange. And we’re getting Luke Cage at the end of the month so Disney already giving us a national Black holiday. We’re going to have to take off the whole month of February when Black Panther drops!

    Oh and Kriss, musical episode. That’s all.

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