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BDS 165: Aldon Goes To Rehab


On this special Sunday edition of Balls Deep Sports Rod, Justin and Karen discuss listener feedback, Aldon Smith goes to rehab, Josh Gordon back, MJ speaks up on the issues, Kanter getting death threats, NFL hires real chief medical officer, Shawn Oakman indicted on sexul assualt, Manziel got in a fight at a wedding, Shannon Brown cheating?, Chef Curry shoes sold out, East Carolina wants in the Big 12, Jackie Christie weighs Doug’s balls, Tommy Morrison boxed with HIV, abusive coach, Eugene Monroe retires, OSU running back accused of hitting women, Le’Veon Bell facing suspension, Brady can’t discuss football with teammates, Siovaughn Wade writes a book,  Rose says Knicks are a superteam, Dennis Green dead, Gabbert has confidence, college football player stops peeping tom, Greg Hardy works out for Jags, Dwight Howard, Durant jerseys on sale, Harrison Barnes, Ezekiel Elliott, people getting money and This Week In Mamba.

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  1. Amani

    Hey Rod and Jaymond Green

    I just hope this takes you to the next level of podcasting. Do what you need to do to succeed. If y’all didn’t already put him in the BDS hall of fame last week, Draymond made sure he was in there now! We might need to get him a Jackie Christie to keep him in line. Just can’t stay away from the dick, no matter whose it is!

    Y’all talked about ANOTHER Baylor football player getting arrest for sexual assault last week, and more dirt came out this week. I don’t want to shock you guys or anything, but it turns out the university threatened the women with being reported for violating the honor code instead of going after the rapists. I know, even crazier right? I don’t even know what to say at this point, but we gotta do better. Especially with these allegedly religious universities.

    But appreciate y’all for a great show doing work on the weekend! Hope everything is straight with the move. And that Siovaughn Wade book is a balls deep must read!

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