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1253: Chuck And Jive


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Rod and Karen discuss moving, dresses should have pockets, Rod’s random thoughts, Tyrese show canceled, Beenie Man got that Zika, Trump is anti-porn now, Cuomo pans sex offenders from Pokemon GO, Zika messing up Florida tourism, airline fee refunds, police offer ice cream, black residents voting rights challenged, weatherman resigns over FB post, Symone Sanders experienced racism while being Bernie’s spokeswoman, Ray McKinnon, White People News, woman fakes being abducted, paramedics selfie game and sword ratchetness.

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  1. KRW

    Not just no, but hell no. The name alone tells you this isn’t going to be treated as a serious issue. My hope is that it gets cancelled after one episode, but I suspect enough people will tune in to watch Barkley saying problematic uninformed shit to keep it going at least a few episodes.

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