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BDS 166: Bigen In Beijing


Rod and Justin discuss listener feedback, Chris Sale, Pokemon Go gets lineman hemmed up, Ezekiel Elliott, Marcus Vick being a fuckboy, Arthur Jones, Taylor Mays, new concussion protocol, Tom Jackson leaving ESPN, Peyton off the hook, Randy Gregory, Kemba supports moving All Star game, NBA in London, Clippers equipment trainer fired, Rudy Gay, Glen Rice Jr robbing, Larry Sanders poll, Schroder in disguise, Jason Williams, Harden, Bosh, Rolando McClain, Martellus Bennett, Geno Smith, Tebow, Heinicke, JPP playing with no club, James Harrison, Warren Sapp bitten by shark, Russell Wilson new ad, Hopkins vs Brown hold out, A-Rod, Marcus Vick being a fuck boy again, Amar’e, Rose has to go to trial, Cousins on police, Rudy Gay, Antonio Armstrong and wife killed by son, Josh McRoberts, Boozer going to China, Tavaris Jackson, Trent Richardson cut, Michele Roberts on the lockout, James Jones, Wade, Warriors prediction better than perfect, Sherman talking to kids, Kellen More injured already, Flacco at practice, McGrady salty, Green offered porn film, UNC skips penalizing self, Tre Mason, Barkley and A Moment of Siohvaughn.


  1. Amani

    Hey Rod and J. Rodriguez

    Sorry, you’re no Derek Jeter so they’ve gotta let you go. Maybe you should have mixed it up and not just gone for the same blonde stock option all the time.

    And Rod called it, dunking on niggas is our #1 cultural export. We have the top 4 in MVP voting this year and the scoring leader staying home and we’re still beating countries by 50. And that’s with Coach K’s hating ass trying to hold people back. I think he saw China whoop Georgetown’s ass that one time and he’s not trying to go out like Jeff Van Gundy. I’m not even watching the games but now I wonder which team would win in a fight.

    Y’all talked about Michael Bennett apologizing for bringing up Cam’s name with players needing to be more vocal about issues, but did y’all get to read the Bennett brothers interview in espn this week? It’s too long for the show but those two became two of my favorite players. They were openly clowning other players and coaches, talked being content creators and making sure there’s Black representation in media outside of football, and just the box you get put in as a Black man in that sport in particular. It was a dope read if you get a chance.

    Great show as always fellas, got me ready to take people’s money in fantasy this year. Gotta take down White Feminism!

  2. Darienfoxx

    Hey Y’all, did y’all hear about Blake Griffin doing standup? Apparently, he was hosting a comedy show at the Montreal Comedy Festival and opened with a 10 minute set. And it wasn’t completely trash. Well, the first part was kinda trash. But after seeing that, I kinda want Blake the Comedian to be a thing…if only for the stories.

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