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PG 54: Nigras

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Rod and Justin discuss filming the TV pilot, hiring movers, Cosmo’s podcast, Love Hip Hop ATL and YMCA ball. From Balls Deep 7/20

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  1. AJtheEngineer

    During the LHHATL recap you commented on how attractive one of the ladies looked and expressed shock at how Scrapp was able to acquire said lady. You said and I quote “In Atlanta you can just be a fuck nigga”. I am writing this letter to express that yea nigga you right. As a nigga living in Atlanta hearing about these other niggas I’ve more than once said to myself “Atlanta is full of fuck niggas.” Get this, the other week my girl invites her friends to our place for dinner and drinks. As we all talked the topic of dating came up and all of the friends (who are all fine) began to talk about why they were still single. All these women have been going on dates left and right, but no dude wants to get locked down and they know they can take their fuck boy talents to another woman and be good. And by “locked down” I mean call the woman back for a second or third date. I’ve lost count of how many Black women I’ve seen over 30 who got ass for days, their own money, a Mercedes, and swag but still don’t have a boyfriend or husband. Now this may be due to the fact they choose to be single, but I also think its partly due to the amount of aint-shitness in the city. Shoutout to your boy Garret, you will lose your damn mind down here and really think you’re a playa for real.

    Congrats on the deluxe apartment in the sky and to 50+ epsidoes of the pregame. Peace.

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