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PG 55: Technical Difficulties

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Rod, Justin and Karen discuss the new studio decorations, moving, Vice Principals, Black Mirror, Centric crime shows, Waka and Tammy drama, Love and Hip Hop, technical difficulties, The DNC, Zino drama and a fan turns out to be a creep. From Balls Deep 7/30

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  1. AJtheEngineer

    What up yall, I’ve moved twice in the past couple years. The first time I used Thumbtack and the second time I used 2 Men and a Truck. Rod my bad, I must have missed your post that day asking about moving suggestions because I would’ve offered some. I’m glad yall spent the money on professional movers because Thumbtack can be trouble. I know yall already cover TV on the pregame, but are you going to talk about Vice Principals? These white boys are terrible but I can’t stop laughing. I loved the part on the last episode when they met in the woods and Russell talks shit to Gamby about trying to get his dick wet and wearing shorts all while he’s smoking that Virginia Slim. My girl is watching that Greenleaf show, all I know about it is Keith David looks evil as hell and I think he’s a pastor. I’m gonna start watching Fatal Attractions based of yall’s recap alone, I aint gonna watch it with my girl in the room though. Peace yall.

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