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1257: Happy Birthday Obama!


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Rod and Karen discuss trying Pho for the first time, Rod’s random thoughts, the double standards on the first family, Dylan Roof and Zimmerman both catch the hands, Marco Rubio on abortion, Phx serial killer on the loose, internet dating, misogyny now a hate crime in the UK, Donald Trump rally audio, Tyrese, black firefighter targeted, cop from daggering video under scrutiny, white people news, man dies in molasses tank, man has two obituaries in the paper and sword ratchetness.


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  1. CallaBeauty

    So, I apparently have made some kind of ‘Pho’ before without realizing that’s what it was called. I think the recipe I found online called it a ‘Lunch Pot’. I made mine with seafood. Super easy to make at home. Now I gotta try some authentic Pho!

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