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1260: Akinyele For Mayor


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Rod and Karen discuss LGBTQ news, Stanford judge in the news again, Mexico anti-sexting campaign, Troy Ave suing, Akinyele for mayor, black kids at higher risk for suicide, slavery reparations costs, activist call out black men, Baltimore PD, white people news, man in dress craps at hair salon, woman dislocated her own shoulder for drugs and sword ratchetness.


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  1. ProfKori

    The discussion about rates of suicide going up for kids of color was powerful. You touched on plenty, so I wont’ try to add, but I wanted to share this piece on lynching photos, police brutality videos, and SELF-CARE. Our communities have always created resources for coping. It doesn’t take the place of culturally competent counselors, but folk of color are being proactive! http://www.vox.com/2016/7/28/12241082/police-brutality-lynchings-self-care

  2. Think Pretty Smart (@Think_P_Smart)

    That kid is annoying. He should be playing and learning survival skills. He needs to be toughened up. He looked thin. They’are probably already running him for his lunch money. He needs to listen quietly to some adults gossip like Rod said. Take that information and crush his classmates.

    If he doesn’t get some backbone, twenty years from now, he will be copping pleas for cops and blaming blacks for getting killed because of what they are wearing. “Of course the cop killed him/her. S/He had on fancy shoes. He shouldn’t be able to afford that stuff so I know he was doing something illegal. Nice things on a black body equals cause for execution.”

    • Think Pretty Smart (@Think_P_Smart)

      One more thing…

      Black rates of suicide have been creeping up since the late 90’s, at least. (I did graduate research on this and was stunned.) In digging deeper by age and gender, much of the young black suicides were kids/young people who were ‘assimilating’. These are kids/youth who, 50 years earlier, weren’t exposed to suicide as a real option. Further, we started to be less connected to our communities. Even now, we still treat suicide like isolated incidents when in actuality, it happens A LOT if we start considering unsuccessful attempts.

      I haven’t looked at the research & numbers in years but I suspect the influx of prescription drugs has had a negative genetic impact on eggs/sperm which we see in brain functioning in kids. Specifically, causing an imbalance on the levels of neurotransmitters dopamine, norepinephrine, & serotonin–which some believe are connected to depression.

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