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BDS 167: The D Rose Of The Money


Rod and Justin discuss listener feedback, Richard Jefferson says he fought Kenyon Martin, Trump don’t wanna debate during NFL games, Snead went blonde by mistake, Bennett talking about social issues, Favre was on them drugs, Hope Solo gets jeered by Brazilians, Florida rape scandal, Falcons cut player who was accused of four rapes, Baylor player accused of rape, Nick Saban cleans out a player’s locker, Gabby Union, no lockout, John Saunders died, Westbrook shirt, LFL Football, Stephen Jackson planning a comeback, Lance Stephenson may have to go overseas, Mike Malone still mad at the Kings, Dez Bryant had to give up his monkey, Okafor comeback, Melo on the Olympics, FIBA wants 3 on 3 at Olympics, Kanter gets disowned, Russell Wilson gets hyped to Gospel music, Ray Lewis sends strange tweet, Jets QBs, Steve Smith still mad, Olympic boxers don’t wear head gear any more, Jeff Fisher cuts player, Ricky Williams, Petition to ban sexually violent players from NCAA, Pacman, JR Smith married, Kenyan track coach cheating, NBA limits back to backs, Andre Rison has arrest warrant, Josh Norman doing TV, Josh Gordon, Tim Tebow, The Curries as a gag gift, MJ gives to African American museum, Nascar driver dies, OK couple played themselves, Cromartie, Gates hating, Dailybeast does an unethical Grindr article, Lebron gets paid, Ray Allen might come back and Wade going back to court.

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  1. Amani

    Hey Rod & J. Newton

    Oh Cam… We were all rooting for you! What’s going on in the world when Michael Jordan out here giving to Black causes and Cam backing into talking about us being past race.

    And I get it in context, it’s obvious in the rest of the interview he wasn’t trying to talk about anything other than football. Maybe he didn’t trust the reporter or maybe he was just tired, but that’s still not an excuse to say something as dumb as that. It’s a lie and he knows it. I don’t demand athletes to speak out, even though I applaud the ones that do, but saying nothing is better than saying stupid shit like that. And we know he knows better. Need to get him around Lebron and figure out how to manage that and deal with whichever path he wants to take on the issues.

    And speaking of Lebron, Rod really ain’t shit for that episode title you ain’t lying either! James Jones is a 39% shooter for his career, but he’s going to have a job as long as Lebron is in the league. Chris Andersen played less than 30 games the last 2 years, but he’s posted up in Cleveland cashing checks. I need to go down there and start baby sitting his kids or something, he’s first ballot homeboy hall of fame!

    Alright y’all have a good week. Justin keep making that money playboy! Maybe listen to Misdemeanor Michael and reinvest that in the community too.

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