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TNO 65: Gobots Next To Transformers


Team Voltron is back! Rod, Kriss, Karen, Sterling and Aaron discuss listener feedback, Suicide Squad fall out, Brie Larson was worried about being Captain Marvel, Captain Marvel origin being changed, Facebook might owe the IRS, Lockout, Legion TV show, Sword Art Online getting live action show, Deus Ex controversy, Flashpoint won’t last all season, 50 Cent working on a hero TV show, Xbox One background music sham, man killed playing Pokemon GO, brown people saw Suicide Squad, Manveer Heir is a hero, the Rock beefing with Vin, Pokemon GO made 200M, Misty Knight spin-off on Netflix, Winter Soldier in Infinity War, Miles Teller would do Fantastic Four 2, Michael K. Williams wants to be Black Manta, Star Trek Beyond box office limbo, Donald Glover may play Young Lando Calrissian, The Ray, Stephen Amell and Dolph Lundgren.

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  1. Amani

    What’s going on people

    My President in Black and my Mary Jane is too! Y’all were on it for a while so I’m not sure why this was such a surprise. You don’t lock up an actress like Zendaya for a multi-picture deal and NOT cast her as MJ, but I’m partying either way. The white tears just make it that much better.

    We turning all the redheads Black! Jimmy Olsen, Iris and Wally, MJ. Jean Grey you’re next! This is revenge for Eastman and Laird’s April O’Neil. I’m just sitting back and watching Dan Slott the troll slayer rise again and Kriss get off those Dolphin Teeth tweets he’s been saving for 10 years. At least this time if Spider-man gets saved by a baby, it won’t be the only asian in the film.

    And speaking of white tears, as if I needed another reason to get Mass Effect, that designer going in on white people’s bullshit was so good!!! He’s getting the first plate at the cookout. Y’all literally had me crying on the train laughing so hard.

    Great show, and even better having Karen back. But Rod why you trying to hurt me? I haven’t thought about Gotham in 2 years after I gave up on it until your tweet storm this week. Got me frustrated all over again.

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