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1266: Going To Miami


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Rod and Karen discuss listener feedback.

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  1. FloGrl

    Karen, you came thru with your comments. If I had a wig on I would’ve had to snatch it off! You were going to make us learn today. I so appreciate you.

    Rod, you touched on a part of my question from episode 1263 about pro black with a non-black spouse that I left out. I’m totally aware that there are woke non-black people and real love just happens. I get that. You referred to those that do anti-black things. That’s who I’m talking about. Like black women that refuse to date black men because “all black men ain’t shit” or black men that refuse to date black women because “all black women are too (enter any insulting word here)” but say they are pro-black. I truly don’t understand that. I can’t take them seriously when they say Black Lives Matter. But I guess that goes back to when yall were saying some people act like Black Lives Matter as long as they’re straight or a man. I guess all those folks go in the same fake pro, real anti-black group so yall actually answered my question several episodes back. Shame on me #wastetheirtime2016. I’ll do better on my listening and comprehension.

    I have not stopped listening since my first time and will continue to tune in to get these gems. I value the perspectives and opinions yall give. The comedy keeps from walking off this job. I was finally able to get some change together to give yall. It’s not much but hopefully I’ll be able to give more in the future.


    PS. I think that Flex sound comes from a song by Young M.A. called “Ooouuu”. I had the music video channel on and I heard that oooooo and stopped in my tracks. I had never heard of this artist and I’d have to compare the tracks to be sure but I think that’s it. Please let us know what yall think.

  2. KungFuTreachery

    Man, I heard Rod was with that Illuminati shit. Let me find out…But, hold it dine until Queen Karen gets her check.

  3. ProfKori

    Your handling of the question about pro-black people who are married to white folk was very sensitive. I often avoid talking about this issue because my circle is FULL of interracial couples. In fact, what’s striking about my circle is that the number of black women with white husbands is at least equal to the number of black men with white wives. (Usually, it’s just the black men who “just happen” to fall in love with someone much lighter.) But you’re making me want to wade into this topic just enough to say this: Americans in general love to insist that love is different from everything else, but that doesn’t make a lot of sense. How could it be possible that racism doesn’t help determine who a person finds attractive? How could it not help determine who you think you can make a life-long partnership with? How could it not shape those things? It does, but Americans clearly have an investment in pretending that personal choices are not tainted by the very force we know is seeping into every crack and crevice of our lives. (I have some guesses on why we like to pretend, but that would make this too long.) No matter the reasons, claiming that choices about love exist on a level that racism doesn’t alter is way too convenient. For anyone who’s interested in delving deeper into this and doesn’t mind reading a theoretically dense book that also grapples with everyday issues, I’d recommend Sharon Holland’s THE EROTIC LIFE OF RACISM.

    Alright, that’s already too long. As always, your show “goes there” in ways that I appreciate.

    • ProfKori

      Your point about the possibility of considering women who are married to men as being “in bed with the enemy” is well taken! Holland’s book is really good, though, and complicates the easy “personal” nature of these decisions in productive ways.

      • ProfKori

        I wanted to avoid saying this outright, but I now realize it doesn’t make sense to leave it out, so the last thing I’ll add is: Racism and sexism definitely played a role in the fact that a Black man is the person I “just happened” to fall in love with and marry, and racism and sexism certainly affect our marriage. They help shape what our marriage is, what kind of haven it does and does not offer, etc. Our initial attraction, dating, and ultimate partnership never took place on a plane untouched by racism and sexism. Contrary to what many Americans like to claim about interracial relationships, the exact same things are true for my black friends who have white husbands and wives.

        Side note: this October we’ll celebrate 18 years together, and August 7th was our 12th wedding anniversary, but he hasn’t shown any interest in TBGWT, no matter how much I talk about y’all as if we just got off the phone, so I’ll agree if y’all decide that he ain’t shit!

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