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1265: White Guy Problems


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Rod and Karen discuss white dudes are running out of problems, stand up comedy is still a business, being Robin, Nene gotta pay taxes, Rudy update, LGTBTQ news, Ellen in trouble, DC cop roughs up black teacher, racial divide on social media, white people news, castor bean plot, sex offender caught and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Micah

    Great episode! One of the things that bothers me most about this modern age of “offensive comic” (aside from the fact that, like y’all said, most simply aren’t funny) is that, while they deliver content they KNOW to be offensive and are delivering it for that very reason? They consider it a wrongdoing and even a violation of their 2nd Amendment Rights if you get offended! How can you make “offensive” the crux of your act, and then be mad that it has its intended effect??? I don’t get it.

    And to NateGate. Man. I don’t think I had ever been more excited for a movie release before this. I saw some guy say something like “Well, what was he supposed to say?” giving pass to his callous, unapologetic dismissal of the allegations resurfacing. The thing is, Nate had already been tried and exonerated on some bullshit. He can’t be tried again for the same crime, that would be Double Jeopardy. It would have cost him nothing to express genuine contrition. It’s so disheartening how far people will go to back a predator.

  2. EvieE

    I got my life hearing Karen’s pay your tax freestyle. If you guys put together a mixtape freestyles, I’d totally buy it

  3. Amani

    See Rod, the thing you and Karen are missing about Robin is there’s a reason all these kids are white. You’re thinking about the way a Black kid would react, you’ve got to add that dose of white privilege to think of course I should be a hero too! Bruce probably stole the kid’s Xbox and told them the Joker did it. Only one way to get it back now.

    And Amy Schumer is lying like shit! She gave an interview where her point that the rape apologist didn’t write for her show was that they’re on hiatus so technically no one writes for her show. That’s not how it works Amy! And the whole I don’t really read his facebook so I don’t see the rants he goes on excuse doesn’t fly when you’re the head of the show. It was funny hearing that on the same episode you went off on rape apologists in comedy and society and I appreciate both of your commentaries and not having to try kiss anyone’s ass.

    It was the same thing with the Ellen picture with Usain Bolt. I saw it, winced for about two seconds understanding the context but also the joke she was trying to make and moved on. Then I see Leslie Mac make almost word for word the point Karen made, and get harassed all day on twitter. It was really disheartening to see so many Black people going in. You don’t have to be mad about it to see the history of racism with the imagery and point it out. But so much of social media is thinking anyone who notices racism is angry and the rush for people to prove that they’re not THAT type of Black who’ll be offended, to attack other Black people was sad.

    But great week of shows, Karen’s freestyle songs are everything!!

  4. ProfKori

    Yes, yes, yes to your independence! I, too, constantly joke about when I’ll finally sell out, but my partner claims he doesn’t think it will ever happen. I find this offensive because “Hey, sucka! Acknowledge that I can change!” But, I find myself thinking the same about y’all: you won’t be selling out any time soon. Grateful to have found y’all!

  5. Forest

    Karen, your tax remix of Feenin, good lawd! You had me rollin at my desk. I don’t wanna hear nan nigga acting like Karen don’t bring laughs to party ever again!!

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