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BDS 168: Coon Newton?


Rod and Justin discuss listener feedback Cam Newton’s views on racism, US swimmers say they were robbed, Benjamin Watson on abortion, Ichiro, Kansas rape scandal, Mike Sam was mad, Olympics controversies, Florida receiver has charges dropped, Cromartie family drama, Adele turned down the Super Bowl, Tre Mason, Greg Hardy, Barret Robbins, Lane Johnson, Melo says Lebron told him to chill, Shumpert talking shit, Brandon Ingram, Phil Jackson talking bad about Fisher, Wade in raps, Duncan turned down Rio, CJ McCollum, gay stigma in the NBA, W’Waun Williams, Dareus suspended, Clowney injury joke, Micheal Bennett for prez, DC police chief to head NFL security, NFL wants to suspend players accused of PEDs, RG3 getting divorced, Aaron Rodgers, Ray Lewis, Paul Pierce coming back, Boogie won’t play Griner, Drummond won’t shoot under handed free throws, NFL game in China, Jabari Parker is broken, Swaggy P not mad no more, Westbrook for MVP, Lebron giving back, Kobe news and This Week In Siohvaughn


  1. Will in Toronto

    Dope show as usual fellas! Maaaaaaan could y’all imagine what the news paper headlines would be if the men’s track team did the same shit the swim team did? Wooooooo buddy. The word “thugs” would have been used a thousand times by the time the closing ceremony started. Stephen A, Colin Cowherd, and Charles Barkley would have had a field day with it.

  2. cocoqt81

    Hey, Rod and Justin! This is my first time leaving feedback, and I just wanted to let you guys know that you’re both despicable and I can’t believe I pay money for this. Love the show. Y’all ain’t shit. I mean that affectionately.

    • cocoqt81

      One more thing… I don’t remember if you said you tried to watch Survivor’s Remorse, and didn’t like it, or if you just haven’t watched it… I love it, and i think you should give it a try, or another try. It’s really funny, and it seems like a show you’d enjoy.

  3. Amani

    Hey Rod and J. Lochte

    Y’all called it! My man Ryan Plissken out here in Escape from Rio knew that story was fishy as hell. He got caught on that Bill Duke. But I’m here to tell you it wasn’t his fault. See, his Olympics were over. They took away his game. This is just the evil that comes out of that. That’s why USA basketball was staying on that cruise ship, they knew there wouldn’t be any of this kids will be kids shit if Draymond got caught out there like this.

    And as disappointed as I was with Cam’s comments last week, what if the Cleveland Blacks had to convince Cam to coon it up as a sacrifice, for Robert X to be reborn? He knew he had to take the hit for the good of Black Quarterbacks. Now RG3 gonna come out and announce every win is dedicated to a victim of police violence.

    P.S. Y’all brought up the Washington Racial Slurs, but I just saw in the facebook group there’s a high school in Robstown, Texas called The Cotton Pickers. How are we still letting that cook in 2016???? (http://i.imgur.com/Qhuc7lQ.jpg)

  4. Ced83

    What’s up Rod and J Robach (GMA anchor who said colored people on air). I listen to you guys every week and love the show. I’m more of a passive listener and don’t comment a lot, just wanted to let you guys know that yes you are definitely being heard on the premium feeds. So I heard y’all discussion on EJ Johnson, the undefeated.com had a piece on him a couple of months ago. http://theundefeated.com/features/ej-johnson-magic-johnson-fathers-day-reality-tv/ Magic and Cookie are big supporters of EJ and it seems like they have a great relationship and that’s dope. That kid’s gonna be a star. I watched the gold medal game between the US and Serbia and man that was some awful basketball. Melo cried after the game, like I don’t remember NBA players being that emotional about the Olympics. Guess the realization that he’s going back to the Knicks got to him. Read yesterday the NFL continues it’s petty streak telling NBC no to Mike Tirico on Thursday night games as they prefer the network’s A team of Michaels and Collingsworth. Personally I don’t care as I opted out after like week 5 last year because the games are awful, but they’re acting like the man hasn’t called Monday Night Football over the last several years. The petty is strong with them. Aight fellas looking forward to the show this week. Peace out!

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