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1269: Lil Poopy


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Rod and Karen discuss people’s reaction to Donald Glover, KFC recipe revealed, Chipotle up to their old tricks, ramen is prison currency, Lil Poopy, Black Wall Street tv show, GA people scared of mosque, MJB divorce, child support delinquents can’t register cars, bald people be racist, neighbors repaint racist graffiti, Nextdoor, couple push professor to death, man drowns his own mother, mayor plays strip poker with minors and sword ratchetness.

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  1. EvieE

    Lil Poopy needs to sit his little ass down. That being said, he’s still a better rapper than Bow Wow ever was.

  2. Amani

    See it’s stuff like this kills all my desire to be black! Y’all making us use proper english, now this? I quit! Call me agent!! Nah, but for real love both of y’all. It’s so appropriate to have this episode with all the strangers being serious in your mentions freaking out in a cloud of ash, but your pod family knows how much you love being Black. It’s just dope to have this space where that’s always going to be defended. Shout out to TBGWT Day next week!

    But Karen you’d better shape up making fun of John Legend’s hair! That’s just outta line! Need to cut it for sure.

  3. Anwar

    “Springsteen this city cause this city we were born to run” Difference by Childish Gambino

    I have been a fan of Donald Glover/Childish Gambino for quite some time now and I was happy to hear your comments about him. He is an immensely talented individual in my eyes. He is a comedian. He writes for television/film. He is an actor. He is a rapper that writes his own raps and produces most of his own music. I think the main reason that I am a fan of his is because I can identify with Donald Glover and the experiences that he raps about. Too black to be white, but not black enough for some black people. He raps about some things that may go over people’s heads if they aren’t into “nerd” culture. In these ways and others, I can easily connect with him and many of the things that he raps about. On top of that, his music is dope to me.

    In many ways, he can be an example of the personification of the idea that the black experience and what it is to be black is not monolithic. I think he obviously knows that, challenges the stereotypes black people are subjected to and the idea of black people being a monolith explicitly through his lyrics or implicitly through his actions. Example:

    Not Going Back by Childish Gambino

    “You want a dude who keep it real, and stay hood
    I’m sorry, baby, but I act me
    I don’t act Black whatever that be”

    The black experience has a lot of variance depending upon where you grow up, how you were raised, etc. Therefore, black people talk, dress, act, as well as other things, differently. If all it took to be black was the way you talk, dress, act, etc., there are many people that would be considered black and obviously that is not the case. As a result, I think he triggers what I will call the “Blacker than thou” conversation and challenges some people’s idea of blackness. Some black people will be critical of him because his blackness does not align with their idea of blackness. Therefore, people like him can experience levels of ostracization from people of their own race as well as people of other races for simply being who they want to be instead of being the people they are expected to be. I have many other thoughts and can easily keep this going. I greatly appreciate the work that you two are putting in. Thank you from a relatively new fan.

    Fun Fact: Rumor has it, Miles Morales AKA Spider-Man was inspired and/or based on Donald Glover.

  4. mya220

    Everything you touched on when it comes to Donald Glover was 100 emoji. I’ve been a fan of his since the stand-up days and it’s been great watching him grow talent wise. But unfortunately, it seems like people can’t get past his stand-up. Online, I see a lot of cherry picking of his old jokes that made it seem like he hated Black women and fetishized Asian women. There was even this list of all the “problematic” things he said that would make its rounds on Tumblr and Twitter whenever his name was mentioned. For a lot of people, that’s all they know about him and get turned off from wanting to support him in the first place. The problem is that all of those jokes were said over 5 years ago. It’s frustrating to see that even though he’s apologized and changed his behavior, things people claim they want problematic celebrities to do, people still won’t let him live it down. Seems like Gambino was right when he said “because the internet, mistakes are forever”.

  5. Cappadonna

    When my wife and I moved out to the far hinterlands of Southern California from LA, we joined Next Door so we could meet our neighbors. What I found is that basically it was the “I saw a Jiggaboo” Chat Room. No events, no parties, just the “Spot a Darkie” network. My wife just stop using it because she got tired of the racism. So, I’m glad that this social network stepped to do something.

  6. fellasupdate@gmail.com

    Hi Rod & Karen!

    Look, I couldn’t figure I’ll out how to do this on sticher, so I hope you see this here.

    I needed to tell you how this episode touched me. As an AA in Madison ,WI since
    1980, I also haven’t heard music that equates my experience until your show. You’re honest self reflective answers helped me with my own internal dialema. So I could be fully about we was a people, and let that negative shit go. It was a moving experience for me. And as much as I love Donald Glover as an actor on community, his music may be even better.

    Thank you so much!
    PS: Karen’s dark kfc story had me laughing so hard that folks came to check on me.

  7. Mack

    Enjoyed the comments on Donald Glover. It never ceases to amaze me how much we deal with as adults in terms of our interactions with others that is colored by our childhood interactions.

  8. Cassie67Impala

    From beginning to end, this was a good episode. I’m so happy you talked about Childish Gambino/Donald Glover. There are so many people I know that write him off immediately. I can’t figure it out. His music changed my life. When I first heard his music I felt like “oh my god, there’s finally a rapper that understands some of my black experience” There have been times where I teared up thinking about those times when I felt alone, ostracized, or hurt by black and white people because I was too black for white people, but not black enough for black people and Gambino knows how to convey that. In my opinion, Donald Glover is winning. He was on Community, made his own independent film (Clapping For the Wrong Reasons), He had a tour, played10 festivals, dropped a solid album in 2013, new album Pharos to be released, and now he’s got Atlanta on FX. I’d say the worst thing he’s done is that movie The Lazarus Effect but, I can’t even blame him for all that. And lastly…. I think I laughed about Lil Poopy and Karen’s comments for two hours after I finished the episode. I was having a crazy day at work and this episode put me in such a good mood, I got through the day because you y’all!

  9. Adrienne

    In regards to the poll, there are many states that do things like this they suspend drivers licenses, professional licensed, gun licenses, etc. And it can be effective. It takes a lot for someone to be put in jail for non payment of child support. The hope is that you can inconvenience a parent enough to get them current on payments. But to get to the point where child support enforcement employs such methods would take willful noncompliance with court orders. Most judges give numerous chances and work with parents to avoid having to do this.

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