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1270: Time Flies With Jess Wood


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Rod and Karen are joined by comedian Jess Wood to discuss her move to Cali, the passing of her friend, the cyber attack of Leslie Jones escalates, Lil Poopy not signed, deaf mute father killed by cops, black teen paid to cover up police assault, a neighborhood doesn’t need more blacks, slave cabin built in black community, white people news, boy shoots grandmother, Krystal employee throws tantrum, lesbians rob a nun and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Marc.G

    Man I can’t stand white dudes thinking that movies and videogames should only cater to them. Leslie is catching it from these trolls double time for being a women and for being black. You only need to visit reddit and 4chan AKA the “Underbelly of the internet” to see the things they say about women. The sad thing is when they threaten women a lot of them have the tech know how to make people’s lives hell. This is an extension of gamergate punishing women and “others” for having the audacity to insert themselves in spaces monopolized by white man. It’s Bullshit.

  2. ProfKori

    Okay, now that I’ve listened to this episode and felt Jess’ horror, y’all are wrong for this photo!!! 🙂 YUCK!

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