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BDS 169: Lyin’ Left-y


Rod and Justin discuss listener feedback, Will Claye proposes, 6 Notre Dame players arrested, Karlos Williams, NBA all star game, Ramsey buying shoes, Josh Brown gets 1 game suspension for DV, Darren Sharper gets 18 years, USA olympics, Ray Lewis III indicted, NFL gets rid of probable designation, Usain Bolt, Lochte lost sponsors, Doc Gooden on that shit again, Tre Mason, Josh Gordon, Ciara and Russ moved wedding from NC, Aguayo struggling, Josh Norman talking, John Wall, Kaepernick arm is tired, Tim Hardaway DUI, playing with torn bicep, Sanchez still stinks, D Rose changing numbers, Harden for MVP, Harden’s shoes suck, Stephen Adams, Paul George, Charlotte wants All Star game in 2019, Isaiah Thomas wore J’s to his wedding, Kwame Brown coming back to the NBA, Kobe and A Moment Of Siohvaughn.


  1. Ced83

    What’s up Rod and J Rice! Colin Kaepernick! What is there to say other than that’s my quarterback! Y’all notice he went to the full on afro, I fully expected to see the black power steel pick sticking out the top. I really dig how he stays on message and speaks directly to the issue without wavering, even acknowledging that it could jeopardize his career. I mean the quotes from anonymous front office personnel pretty much confirmed that. I knew when I first heard of his protest that white people were going to be mad and boy are they. They are such masters of shifting the conversation. Most media isn’t talking about the message it’s now about do you agree with what he did and that’s damn shame. Oh Cam…What do you think is the impotence of his #alllivesmatter heel turn? He can’t really feel this way can he? I mean he’s dealt with racism since his college days. Go to any SEC related blog or post and you’ll see quickly when his name comes up that the bigots won’t be too far behind. I’m still a fan of Cam the player but I’ll never look at him the same again. So Jerry Rice, Rodney Harrison, and Boomer Esiason all said dumb shit and to that I say fuck em, but Paul Finebaum had to go a step farther and proclaim “black people are not oppressed.” Bo tweeted a picture of all the different faces from that time he argued with him on Outside The Lines and it was hilarious. Man this whole week plus has been a big segment of fucking with black people and they all get 100. Looking forward to the show. Peace!

  2. cocoqt81

    Hey, Rod and J you ain’t even black Harrison. This past week has been full of white tears. This is actually White People News at its peak. While brown people are out here worried about systemic racism and police brutality, they’re worried about whether or not you stand during a long ass boring song. It ain’t good to be white, it’s great to be white! Anyway, I’m extremely annoyed with all the fuckboys in the NFL. All of this backlash has lessened my excitement for the season. We all have our breaking points, I guess. I mean, I can forgive these players for sitting idly by and welcoming rapists, and abusers into their locker rooms, but them turning their backs on Colin might be the thing that makes me watch less. I don’t even know if I’m joking or not. I’m really disappointed in all of these current and former black players who have basically decided they’d rather spare white people’s feelings than support Colin.Meanwhile their dude bro teammates are all over TV telling them that they don’t give a fuck about the black struggle, even though most of their coworkers are black. Ugh. Fuck all of them. Anyway, love the show! One last thing… Justin, no one is coming here for you to take this job seriously. We do not want you coming on this show with notes and facts! Tell Karen I said hey. Later!

  3. Selester63

    What up Rod and J-Negan,

    I enjoy the show as always. Even though it’s hard for me to catch the show live I prefer to listen using crowdcast so I can hear Pre-game before you transition into BDS. Getting ready for football season to start and I don’t have a clue how my team (Eagles) are going to do this year. I haven’t been keeping up with any of their off season moves besides getting the new coach. And I haven’t watched any preseason football at all because I just don’t care for “fake football”.
    This past Sunday Jemele Hill hosted the Sports Reporters with (Jane McManus, Sarah Spain & Kate Fegan). History was made (first all-female panel) and I was glad Jemele was holding it down. I DVR the Sports Reporter every Sunday (RIP to the late great John Saunders, a class act).
    Colin Kaepernick’s decision to no longer stand during the National Anthem is the big sports news story the past several days. I believe that Kaepernick has the right to protest by not standing for the anthem, some people don’t want to talk about the racial injustice in this country. They’re just so hurt and upset over his protest. I’ve been to sporting events and not everyone stands during the anthem but it’s never an issue then.
    I enjoy all the premium content (along with the main podcast), keep up the good work. Peace

  4. Amani

    Hey Rod and J. Kaepernick

    My QB out here taking a stand! Oh what’s that he’s not biracial anymore? None of those adopted by a white Wisconsin family stories this week? Y’all remembered he was a nigga now huh. They expected this from the NBA but if more football players start getting in formation about this people are gonna start losing their minds. Already had the Bennett brothers come out, let Russ say something and all hell will break loose.

    But are we sure this wasn’t just a message to Chip Kelly? You let Riley Cooper play, I know you’re not going to sit me down coach. Or was LeSean right about you being a racist? You can start by giving a Black man his job back! Y’all ain’t gonna call me a broke boy no more, I’m a man dammit! But seriously, I’m happy to see this and I’m glad the 49ers are standing with him for now.

    Couple weeks ago people told me they were fine with protests as long as they didn’t block traffic, all my man did was not stand up and look at all this hate. Driving the conversation almost a week later. Oh and Cam? Have we still passed race or did you just give the juice to Colin?

    • Amani

      And on the opposite note did you hear former Baylor coach Art Briles come out and act like he’s the teflon don (http://deadspin.com/art-briles-i-ve-never-done-anything-illegal-immoral-1785361775)? I love how he can say he’s never been a part of anything unethical when y’all have a story of a Baylor player for sexual assault every damn week. The fact he’s already getting offers for next week just shows how little we give a fuck about it. But Kaepernick is destroying the fabric of society…

  5. Darienfoxx

    What up Rod and J. Kaepernick!

    Man, with things the way they are, y’all are gonna have to come up with a new segment called “This week in Black Quarterbacks.” I was gonna write in to talk about how RG3 can’t win for losing, but then Colin Kaepernick went and did the ultimate no-no.

    For the past few years, I’ve been calling him Colin Cottonpicker because of that slave contract he signed, but now he’s Colin Kaepernigga. He saw that job opening for “Most hated Black Quarterback” after Cam quit. And he put in one hell of a application.

    But seriously, Colin. Talking about race shit on a Chip Kelly team? You don’t do that. He be sending all the niggas away That’s a SURE fire way to get traded. Wait a minute… Ahh, Colin. I see what you doing. See you in Denver, nigga lol

    Love the show, yall. Thanks for keeping the funny coming during the dog days of summer! Peace.

  6. ProfKori

    Hilarious. “You can’t expect to get away with rape without making an important film about slavery.” That’s just one of many gems! Gotta laugh to keep from crying sometimes. My goodness. Can’t wait to have heard enough of these to figure out how to name/insult Justin. LOL!

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