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1271: Ashies


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Rod and Karen discuss listener feedback.

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  1. Cappadonna

    You did the Lord’s Work listening to this ashy ass negro. Uncle Hotep? Good Lord – this Nigga makes Yadda look like James Baldwin. He sounds worse than my stupid ass cousins who just got out the pen. Forget stuck in his own privilege to acknowledge your valid point, he obviously hasn’t cracked open a book, or read a newspaper – like ever. Hotep or Die?

    Also, as Black man who actually goes to the white man’s church, I find some of the most fucked up homophobic, misogynist assholes I’ve met in our community never stepped foot in the Holy Tabernacle.

    So, straight black men like this dude should keep doing what you’re doing – meaning remaining homophobic, misogynist and illiterate? To paraphrase Talib Kweli and Mos Def, privilege is the same song only the beat changes.

  2. Will in Toronto

    Ahhh Dear Brother Rod you definitely made it. The verified check mark and a video dedication from uncle hotep in the same week.  Man I wish I listened to this episode live.  Lmfao!!!  Uncle Hotep bruh?? Uncle Hotep??   Man you can’t script nothing funnier than this.  Now I’m just waiting to see if there’s also an Aunty Ankh out there. 

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