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TNO 66: Why Gotham Is Trash


Rod, Kriss and Sterling discuss listener feedback, new Robin Hood movie coming, Ben-Hur flopped, Zendaya is Mary Jane, Hulu is going premium only, Elder Scrolls movie, GRR Martin new TV series, Tron might get another sequel, Mamoa as The Crow, Star Trek Discovery, Old Man Logan, Bad Boys 3, racist Olympic commentator, Lumberjanes movie has director, Wonder Woman director response to anonymous email, Punisher coming to Netflix, R2-D2 actor dies, Aquaman the Wolverine of JL, Project Scorpio, Ironheart, Marvel replacing the Avengers, Luke Cage, Justice League Dark, Batman: Return Of The Caped Crusaders, Gotham is a shit show, Legion is part of the X-men universe, The Rock vs Vin, Supergirl Season 2, New Mutants getting a movie, Disney getting all the dough and a horribly written article about progress in comic book media.

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  1. Amani

    Shout out to the hardest working nerds in the game! And Aaron if he has time.

    Don’t underestimate how refreshing it is to hear from people who actually like the stuff they talk about. Listened to a friend go off on a twitter rant this week about how he knows Marvel or DC will never give him the kind of stories he wants to read as a Black man, so I dropped a panel from Nighthawk in his mentions and he was all about it. Let him get excited before I told him it was from Marvel but because people like him talk about what’s not out there instead of supporting what’s actually out it didn’t sell enough to keep up solicits.

    And like clockwork Rod drops off that Miles Morales heat this week, and Kriss out here ruining lives internationally. Things have really never been better, and while I understand not giving big companies cookies for finally coming around we also can’t act like it’s not happening just for some purity bullshit. If you read the books and aren’t satisfied that’s fine, but when you’re just shitting on stuff you haven’t even seen I can’t take you seriously.

    And I know this is how DC is going to get me with that Batman movie. After they almost broke people’s nerd rage when Ben leaked that Deathstroke shot and we thought it was from Justice League, they’ve been saying all the right things and putting Geoff Johns out front. They’re trying to convince us he did a rewrite on Wonder Woman and course corrected on Justice League, but I won’t really know if it’s all PR or he actually has the creative control to reign in Snyder until they come out. And I didn’t realize it until DPalm shared the article but WB pushed out Alan Horne after he made them all that money with Harry Potter and Dark Knight and let him go to Disney and he’s been beating their heads in ever since. Hope they get it right this time. Appreciate the show as always fellas.

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