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PG 59: Customer Service

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Rod and Justin discuss Rod’s computer dying, buying a new Laptop, Prohibition documentary, Vice Principals, listener feedback, reality star news and Fear The Walking Dead.


  1. Amani

    Y’all gonna give me PTSD talking about these computer horror stories. I worked IT in college and I got a call about a guy’s new headphones not working. The guy on shift before me spent a half hour on the phone testing his system, running through the bios, so they had a ticket to bring in his laptop and we’ll take a look at it for free. My boss wanted to open it up to check and see if we needed the soundcard but I decided let me just take another look… he had the damn thing on mute.

    And then the porn he was trying to mute started blasting through the student center.

  2. RB

    Hi Rod and Justin,

    Another great show, I especially loved the recap of the Prohibition documentary!

    To answer a question you asked while playing the Jessica Dime video, you can actually rent exotic cars from Enterprise. They have a special division for it.

    Have a great show!

  3. Cassie67Impala

    Another good session. I paused the episode to binge watch a few episodes of Vice Principals. When I first saw the previews I honestly thought it looked like a show that just wasn’t going to be funny but I checked it out cause y’all talk about it on here and on TNO. It’s over the top and completely unrealistic in the plot but that’s what makes it so funny. I was questioning how they were gonna stretch what seemed like a 75 minute movie plot into a series but they doin it. Until next time!

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