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#Walking FTWD: Season 2 Episode 9: Los Muertos


Rod and Karen discuss Fear The Walking Dead.


  1. Luckedout

    It’s kinda morbid, but I laughed the couple of times that walkers were dropping behind their backs and they didn’t really notice. How drunk do you have to be?

    I think we got clued in on the pharmacist’s MO, when he mentioned using saline solution so the dying had hope it was medicine. Then a moment later, Nick sneaks a peak of that mangled shoulder. Coincidence? But why tell Nick that? He must have one of those faces.

  2. Cassie67Impala

    This was a good episode of FTWD. I appreciate you staying up to recap the episode. I am glad this group is realizing how bad the world really is. I don’t know why they thought the town would be vacant. They got too comfortable at that hotel. They really are oblivious, they didn’t even board the door back up. There’s a reason there were chairs in front of the door.

    When Alicia was looking out onto the balcony and a body flew down, I actually jumped. I’m interested to see how the pharmacist was able to not turn after being bit. I don’t believe it either.

    Excited for next weeks episode both FTWD and the recap!

  3. kidjock

    Love the show guys. I appreciate you guys putting in OT for the review. I thought initially the opening sacrifice was based on a lottery, but what a relief that it’s only those who are on death’s bed are the one’s that are sent out. And to then use the zombies as protection is genius.

    Nick shows that having a crack head on the squad is a blessing and a curse. They know how to adapt to any situation, but they STAY STEALING! Keep up the good work. Peace.

  4. Forest

    I loved this ep, but Strand disappointed me. They could’ve had showers. Worked their way through the hotel for supplies and got decent sleep. I expected this foolishness from Maddie’s privileged ass, but not Strand. Strand was supposed to be one step ahead of everyone else. I mean, I get that he’s been shaken and it’s easy to forget just how little time has passed in the show, but still…what in the entire fuck?! I don’t know how they’re going to make it out.

  5. Jamell

    Sup Rod… hello Karen…. I am a huge FTWD fan… I will be listening every week….

  6. AO

    These recaps are the best! Not for nothing, I needed to let you know I’m listening and give a fuck and appreciate the time, energy, and effort it takes to get these together (2:39).

    I agree this episode was far better than last week’s – Nick is the worst and I did not need an all Nick episode. And because he doesn’t care about dying, of course he’s going to live forever until the end. I agree with Rod that Luciana was being an asshole to Nick AND I agree w/ Karen that she was speaking Spanish intentionally so he would be helpless – which is a great strategy to discombobulate a perceived threat which then gave her more power. Both are absolutely true. With all the “speak English when you’re in ‘Merica” BS, I’m sure she was like, “fuck this gringo; don’t be in Mexico if you can’t speak the language.” agood for her!

    I was also really frustrated by the Walmart of the Apocolyps scene – fo’ sho’ that snack pack would have fit. He put the compound in jeoparty w/ that stupid move. Like Luciana said, no one was checking for them before Nick went all stupid. Absolute worst!

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