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1273: Criminal Clown


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Rod and Karen discuss Facebook name harassment, Gladys Knight sues her son, Sarah Palin hits her head and blames HRC, almost half of homes in the US have guns, Anthony Weiner sexting again, clown tries to lure kids, Homeless chic, Zara price gouging suit, Erica Mena goes at Slut Walk movement, burkini ban overturned, Lil Yachty, Mark Burns, Kapernick outrage, Whites Only clause in neighborhood, man defends himself because he watched TV, cop accidentally films himself stealing, woman bails her friend out with stolen credit card and sword ratchetness.

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  1. btouch

    Re: the Disney star coming out as bisexual: Disney – at least as a corporation if not a brand – is a fairly welcoming place when it comes to diversity as it relates to sexual orientation and (increasingly, see ABC and some of the Marvel Studios stuff outside of “Dr. Strange” & “Iron Fist) people of color as well, so i”m guessing that actress’s job should be safe.

    Re: Ben-Hur – apparently one of the production companies behind it is Lightworkers Media, which produced “The Bible” miniseries for NBC and “Son of God”, the movie made up of the sequences from that show that feature Jesus. So apparently they were pitching this Ben-Hur remake to the faith based crowd.

    I haven’t seen it – why would I want to do that to myself? – but apparently Jesus plays a bigger role as a character in this version than he did in the 1959 movie. So, that’s probably why they tried to tone down the gay undertones…and unfortunately for them, the theaters showing this movie have more tumbleweeds and coyotes roaming through them than patrons.

  2. Dominosdaddy

    Yo why the creepy clown had me thinking of IT from Stephen King. He looking to show them kids that everything floats.

  3. CorporateWildcat

    Thomas Roger’s “Go back to Africa” clip was as stupid as it was funny. Not only was Rogers insulting to disrespectful to black american, he’s completely disregarding the people in many of these local African countries in his ignorance of the different economies in African countries. Does this guy want another Liberia to happen?? Angela was right to laugh in his face.

    • CorporateWildcat

      Apologies, I should of posted this in 1274.

  4. Will in Toronto

    Y’all were in your bag as usual during the CSI: Criminal Clown segment. LMFAO. Had me dying. 

  5. Forest

    I hate to be the “actually” guy, but iCarly was on Nickalodeon not Disney. The house of mouse is a bit more cool than that. If you look at what they’re doing on Freeform (formally ABC Family), they are super progressive when it comes to representing LGBT characters.

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