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1277: Storm Trooper White


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Rod and Karen are joined by comedian Chris Lamberth to discuss growing up black, acting while black, Kanye West casting call controversy, Bow Wow has an interesting retirement timing, Tyga getting his cars repossessed, Trump surrogate caught in a lie, Rihanna and Drake are a thing, Lena Dunham gets in trouble, white people news, Facebook helps catch a criminal, army medic love triangle crime and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Mack

    I don’t eat watermelon, but I’ll kill fried chicken. I’ve gone to soul food and “country cookin” restaurants with my white co-workers many times, and they get the fried chicken faster than I do. But we all eat fried chicken. Together. (ooo-oooooh!)

    And thank you for the diligence on the “Guess” theme song. It feels like things are right in the world again. Ba dum bum!

  2. csick

    The thing that fascinates me is how many people who recognize that it’s a problem when men feel entitled to a woman’s attention (see the recent backlash to that “How to talk to a Woman Who is Wearing Headphones” article), but when Lena Dunham is acting like she’s entitled to OBJ’s attention, they defend her.

  3. TeJay

    white folks love it just as much as black folks do!

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