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1280: Misogyn*gga


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Rod and Karen discuss Rod’s new Publix’s buddy, a trip to the optometrist, Obama nominates Muslim Judge, NYC medical marijuana, IKEA restaurant, Kanye fashion show, urine cook, Georgetown will give preferred admission to descendants of slaves they sold, Navy discharges woman over hair, Katy Perry uses the term misogynoir, White Lives Matter classified as a hate group, Trump can’t be racist, Giuliani, cheerleader threatened over hair, white people news, man stabbed while shopping, teacher caught blowing kid, pizza heroin deal and sword ratchetness.

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  1. missdani10

    I went to the eye doctor last week. I hate the part of the exam where (after my eyes are dialated) they put that bright ass blue light right up against my eye ball. I feel like they are going to poke me in my eye smh!!

  2. Amani

    Maybe your vision is getting better because your third eye is open now Rod. Now you go on and thank Uncle Hotep

  3. Mack

    That soldier story was some mess. By what logic does it make sense that a safety helmet cannot be worn over natural hair, but if you put a wig OVER that hair, you could wear the helmet. Seems like that would just make you need a bigger helmet. How do people get to be in charge with such terrible comprehension? That Cism just takes over the mind, I guess??

  4. Mack

    Man, what kind of feelingless person doesn’t react to that puff of air to the eyeball???

  5. Forest

    Karen hit the nail on the head with that marijuana ish. POC are systematically being locked out of the marijuana industry. A lot of those companies banking now don’t want competition. They have a solid monopoly. The way it’s set up, since marijuana is still a schedule 1 drug, banks won’t give business loans or even open business accounts for it. So, you have to have a LOT of liquid capital to not only get started, but to operate a legal marijuana business. So, many POC just flat out don’t have access to the type of wealth that affords them liquid cash like that. That’s before you even get to the regulations around it. It’s so crazy that the only place black people are really being allowed to enter that space is marketing, i.e. the Snoops, Wiz Khalifas, etc of the world.

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