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BDS 171: Cash Flow, All Day


Rod and Justin discuss listener feedback, pig skin pickem, Bruce Miller cut, Under Armour CEO talking shit, Lawrence Taylor arrested again, police union threatens 9ers boycott, Cousins sponsors panel, Cam Newton food truck, Jordan Guldenbern non-consensual sex, Durant Rick James tat, Shoemaker gets brain surgery, Brees wants 100 mil, Lillard freestyle, Elliott cleared of DV charges, Byron Maxwell, Darrell Green hating on RG3, Rob Ryan, Aikman doesn’t like Skip Bayless, NLFPA on concussions, Tre Mason, Shaq only played 30%, Vince Carter wants to play 2 more seasons, Ray Allen, Mark Sanchez signing, Justise Winslow, Sam Mitchell spills the tea, NBA 101, Nick Young, Cavs assistant coaches not getting paid and this week in Siohvaughn.


  1. bamil73

    Hey Rod and Jay Seahawk

    Do you think RGIII’s latest injury is retribution for him tattooing the name of that (Terence Howard voice) white woman on his arm? What awaits the Cleveland Blacks this season? I foolishly picked RGIII as my QB2 (Dak Prescott is my QB1) in my work fantasy league because I wanted to be part of the unmitigated blackness of that team. I had to drop him and get Jimmy Garoppolo, which isn’t a bad thing in and of itself since I’m a Patriots fan. Which brings me to my other question. Will Justin carry his unproductive anti-patriots agenda into another season? That will not bode well for his picks as Jimmy G has shown himself to be an adequate 4 game replacement for Tom “make america great again” Brady. In Brady’s defense, I’m pretty sure he’s sitting down for the anthem for at least the first four weeks of the season.

    What do you think of the ref’s treatment of Cam last Thursday. Do you think they were thinking that that strapping negro buck can handle anything thrown at him? Bill Simmons, whose HBO show is surprisingly good, asked his guests if they think there was a racial component to his treatment.

    I was loving the 10am (7am my time) Friday morning broadcasts because they coincided with the time of day I would be at my desk at work. Then IT made adjustments to the company network and now most live streaming don’t work anymore. I can’t complain, ’cause I got to get that paper, boi.


  2. Amani

    Hey Rod and J. Newton

    It was bad enough seeing the hits Cam was taking on social media but the Broncos and the refs didn’t help either. They fucked that man up! So much for protecting the quarterback and taking headshots out of the game. And that slander only going to get worse with Kapernick coming to town this week. Maybe the refs didn’t get the all lives matter memo.

    The Seahawks sure did though and that shit is whack as hell. I never demand other people take a stand, but if you do come out and say something it better not be some bullshit like that. You can’t tell me Michael Bennett was with that, hell his brother put a fist up and he plays for the Patriots! People want to talk about showing unity, but not take any steps to actually address the issues that divide us. That’s not justice, you just want us to go back to shutting the fuck up so you can have peace and quiet. Centurylink has their name on Seattle’s stadium but they dropped Denver’s Brandon Marshall sponsorship after he took a knee. And this is in so-called liberal Seattle, not the south or midwest.

    That Kap’s protest is still going this strong is proof it was perfect. A lot of people are out here exposing themselves, and I’m not even talking about the usual idiots like Whitlock and Ray Lewis. It’s been three weeks and this is still the top news story. He even has baseball players standing up and talking about the racism in their league! Kap won dawg! I’m even gonna claim him bringing together my Niners since this is gonna be the last week of the season we’re in first place. Between this and the NCAA pulling events out of North Carolina it’s just proof you’ve gotta hit people where it hurts for them to get it.

    Great show as always guys, hope Rod gets back to stretching so he can light em up in the new socks.

  3. FalconsDiva

    Greetings Rod and Justin! As a new premium subscriber I have thoroughly enjoyed BDS, although I’m not sure if I’m here for your Matt Ryan hate… That’s my Quarterback!!! I am here for any Drew Brees hate you care to spout because I’m petty like that.

    With the first week of NFL in the books, I see it’s going to be a long season for my Falcons. Although, unlike last year, I suspect we’ll get better as the season progresses.

    The Falcons used to have a football 101 for women. I attended a few years. Not because I needed the info but because I loved touring the Falcons facility and the chance to interact with the players. They stopped having the function awhile ago and now have a course for football moms instead.

    Did Nick Young really say he can’t kneel because he has bad knees?!?! I’m weak!

    I’m always late listening to podcast so I was a little bummed about missing out on fantasy and the pigskin pickem. It is interesting to hear your picks after the games have been played though.

    Thanks for another great podcast!

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