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1279: Gorilla Bae


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Rod and Karen discuss LGBT news, a musician admits to rape, Amy Schumer, AirBnB, Jared, Tyga got his car back, handsome gorilla, meth lab in a mall, cafe charges for rudeness, creepy clown sighting, Whoopi speaks up on Kaep, racist man at Wal-Mart, Cal State, officers sues school for racism, white people news, man takes judge hostage, mom breaks kids finger and sword ratchetness.

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  1. EvieE

    I’m glad Whoopi Goldberg spoke up for Kaep, because when she’s wrong she’s so damn wrong but when she’s right she’s on point. She probably felt tired of people asking her about the incident. I’ve been asked so much this past week what I thought and as someone who used to serve in the military, I take no offense. I think because of that people were surprised of my stance, particularly my husband’s brother in law at the cook out this past week (he’s white) but to compound it all, when he said all lives matter, my husband hung his head and groaned because he knew I was about to go off. And I did. I don’t care if I made that dude feel uncomfortable but I tell you what, he’s never going to come at me with that all lives matter bullshit again. I am so fed up with people being able to look away when black bodies are dying in the street but are ready to lynch a guy for taking a stand against the issue. Good for whoopi and good for Kaep.

  2. Amani

    Don’t let Flipper fool you, Dolphins are the biggest assholes of the animal world. This story about James the nigga hating dolphin learning how to breathe through its mouth isn’t cute, it’s terrifying! They’re the human beings of the sea!

    Dolphins rape their females sometimes for weeks at a time and will assault even human women when they’re in heat. They use sonar to pinpoint internal organs to do the most damage and are one of the only animals besides us that will kill just for fun.

    And are we sure Dr. Manning hasn’t been watching dragon porn? Don’t drink those Starbucks semen lattes while Game of Thrones is on apparently. Hey homie!

  3. ProfKori

    What an important point! When students of color struggle academically, it’s usually more about the many ways that racism shapes their experiences, not about their academic ability.

    For the publications to call it “segregated housing” ignores the value of affinity groups. There are all kinds of ways that universities support students in coming together over shared concerns and interests, whether it’s fraternities and sororities, honors dorms, or housing that puts people together who want to work for political change in particular ways.

  4. Will in Toronto

    Maaaan I was just having a discussion about whale meat the other day because I read an article about The Rock eating it.  Ain’t no way I’m eating some whale.  I mean, do they sell it by the pound or by the square foot?  Nah, I’m good on that.
    A few years ago I heard about Jerk Kangaroo and had the same thought you had….who in the hell looked at that thing and said “imma eat that!!”  I ain’t eating any animal that can put on some boxing gloves and whoop me. 

    At what point do we finally get Michelle Rodriguez outta here?   I can’t think of a role she’s done where I’ve walked away thinking “You know…Nobody else could have nailed that role like Michelle Rodriguez. Thank God she’s still making movies!” I’m just waiting for her to apologize as usual and blame it on the henny or the goose.

  5. Ms. Smart

    Thumbs: I once went to look at an apartment, did the whole tour, then when I was done and dude handed me the paperwork, he didn’t have thumbs. There was no nubs or anything. He appeared to have been born that way. I couldn’t live there because I knew I’d be obsessed with him, watching him open doors, checking to see what he did when his shoes became untied, etc. But I am a better Christian now.

    Anne Arundel County Schools: I’ll go ahead and take credit since it’s MY county. Progressive on somethings. Backward on other things. Most parents have no idea what is going on in their schools. There are ALREADY trans students in schools and students that can not be alone with other children (i.e. in the bathroom), etc. for privacy/safety reasons. In my case, the student had molested other children. I don’t recall if all the teachers knew, or if only that student’s teachers had that information.

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