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TNO 67: Where’s My Coke, Becky?!


Rod, Kriss and Aaron discuss listener feedback, what we’ve been playing and watching, DC taking back reigns from Snyder, Deathstroke in Batman movie, Nighthawk canceled, Giancarlo didn’t get a role with Marvel, Gotham showrunner thinks Superheroes don’t work on TV, Black Lightning TV show, Bruce Lee series coming to Cinemax, Squirrel Girl coming to TV, Thunderbirds co-creator dies, CBS All Access, Stephen Amell, JGL thinks DKR ended perfectly, WB supported Superman being on Supergirl TV show, Elon Musk has a rocket blow up, Duncan Jones disappointed in Warcraft turn out, new stupid TV ideas, Suicide Squad on Arrow was a test for the movie, Ben Hur flop, Shailene Woodley doesn’t want to do TV, Booster Gold movie, PS4 Pro has some issues and the iPHone 7 controversy.


  1. Amani

    How’s it going fellas and hopefully special shout out to my man Sterling!

    Kriss came back from vacation hot!!! He had time to go in today. But that smiling pic is about to become the reverse Crying Jordan. You’re Marvel and you’ve got Agents Of Shield coming out the gate on fire and Luke Cage next week while Gotham is telling people superhero shows don’t work on TV? Smiling Kriss face. You’ve been listening to people talk about the fall of Destiny for 3 years and that Rise of Iron drops? Smiling Kriss. Just that perfect combo of I told you so and I don’t hear your bullshit I’m all the way up right now.

    And speaking of I told you so, everybody complaining about losing the headphone jack on iphones, meanwhile Samsung’s selling bombs that call people. Saw a tweet that compared this to the election and it was too good, people spend all day crying over ticky tack stuff while ignoring a literal impending explosion waiting to happen.

    Appreciate y’all for real though. After a week like this need to just kick back with my niggas and be able to enjoy some black ass shit. Fall shows are coming back and this is the blackest year on tv in a minute. Couldn’t come fast enough! Now if we can just get Becky to stop passing out that coke…

  2. locandloseit

    Enjoyed the show. On the iPhone headphone jack issue, many people with desk jobs listen to headphones for their entire shift. 8-12 hours a day depending on the job. I think the full touchscreen change is different because the phone was usable without additional adapter. If you need to plug in the adapter to use your current headphones, it becomes more cumbersome…versus the touchless screen that was a complete product. Have a good one!

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